My name is Enda McLarnon and I am a self-confessed DIY freak. I love taking on projects around the home and I especially love using almost any type of power tool. 

This website was created to help people who like working on Home Improvement or repair tasks. In particular I hope to provide you with essential and important information about mitres saws, corded and cordless and many other types of saws.

About My Reviews

​There are many peculiar marketing and branding tactics used by a variety of manufacturers. Most of them are done in a move to try and sell their product. However they use different terms for various features, and it can get a bit confusing.

​As a result, it has become more complicated than it should be to tell which companies are being upfront and honest with their information and some that are trying to hide behind marketing claims.

If you are shopping for a new mitre saw, the only real way to be able to figure this out for yourself is to take the time to research these products.

That way you can find out about the common terminology used by various brands and also to understand what features are the most important, so as you can complete the cutting jobs that you want to get done.

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Where Do I Get My Information

​I have a lot of knowledge to share about these saws and brands. I created this website to help people find this information in one convenient location and without the sales pressure. It is also refreshing to be able to find out exactly what features and benefits are the most important.

I also worked in the building trade for many years. There we used a whole range of power tools. Power saws were used every single day. These were saws like jigsaws, circular saws, mitre saws, reciprocating saws and many more.​

How I Do Reviews

​There are a limited selection of mitre saws and  blades that we recommend. That is because we only want you to get the right saw for your needs. For example, let's assume you are working on a small home project like fitting skirting boards. A simple basic mitre saw will do your job, so there is no need to spend a lot of money.

On the other hand if you going to be renovating a room, or converting an attic, then I would recommend getting a sliding compound mitre saw.​

​As I have mentioned I am a DIY man and I have used many different types and brands of saws.

I look at all of the saws in the market, because I have a genuine interest in those. I then read other buyer reviews and see what they are saying. After all they have bought and used those so at least they are giving first hand opinion. Then I summarise those opinions so you don't have to.

About Summary

Hopefully the information that I have provided here will be useful to you. If you have any questions of enquiries then please visit my contact page and leave me a message there.

​A really good place to start your search is to check out my mitre saw buying guide.

Hopefully you find this website useful when trying to figure out which type of mitre saw is best for your own needs.​