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What is the Best Coping Saw in the UK?


Draper 64408 Coping Saw

The best coping saw in the UK is the Draper 64408 Coping Saw. This saw has a chrome plated frame with a traditional wooden tensioning handle. The blade can be turned through 360 degrees for more intricate and awkward wood cuts.


Draper are a good brand who make very good tools, and this coping saw is highly rated by online buyers.


Online buyers said that this is a very good little saw, and a good choice for making those awkward cuts.


At under £7.00 in most online stores, this is about the average you should expect to pay for a coping saw.

What Is a Coping Saw?

As you can see from the image above, a coping saw is basically a wide frame with a very narrow blade. It is mainly used to help cut intricate shapes, and interior shapes in wood. These are used mainly by carpenters and joiners. There may be the odd time when you need to use one of these at home. The good news is that coping saws are not that expensive, so it is handy to pick one up in a sale and just have one in your tool kit should you ever need one.

Just below, you can see out top 5 recommendations for coping saws that are available in the UK. The majority of coping saws are made by four main brands, Draper, Bahco, Stanley and Eclipse. You can buy these online at stores such as Amazon, and also at tool stores in the UK, such as B&Q, Screwfix and any hardware store.

Top 5 Coping Saw Recommendations

The best coping saws need to be lightweight and well balanced as they are mainly used for smaller or intricate cuts. This is a very basic type of saw, that hasn't changed in design over the years, so you should be sure to get one with a sturdy frame and comfortable handle.


Product Name


Buyer Satisfaction


Chrome plated frame with a wooden handle and 1 blade



Best seller online and comes with 5 blades



Steel frame with a wooden handle and 1 blade



Nickel-plated steel frame with wooden beech handle and 1 blade



Steel frame with wooden handle and 5 blades (2 for metal)


More Detailed Reviews

Draper 64408 Coping Saw:

  • Highest Online Buyer Rated
    We found around 20 coping saws online, and this Draper model gets the highest buyer satisfaction ratings.
  • Comfortable to use
    The wooden handle makes this very comfortable to use and blade changes are straightforward.
  • Durability
    The chrome plated handle helps prevent rust, and the frame is strong and very well made.

Draper 18052 Coping Saw:

  • Biggest Online Seller
    This 18052 model from Draper is the biggest selling coping saw online. The reason for that is the saw is very good quality, but you also get better value as it comes with 5 blades. The blades are for wood with on two 16 teeth, and 1 each of 20 teeth, 24 teeth and 28 teeth
  • Comfortable to use
    Like most coping saws, the wooden handle makes this very comfortable to use and blade changes are straightforward.
  • Durability
    This model has a chrome plated handle that helps prevent rust, and the frame is strong and very well made.

Eclipse 70-CP1R Coping Saw:

  • Strong Seller
    This Eclipse saw also sells well online is ideal for cutting and shaping in wood.
  • Comfortable to use
    The wooden handle makes this very comfortable to use and buyers all commented on the high quality of the Eclipse blades which they said are much better than other brands
  • Durability
    The handle is made of steel, and buyers said that this is a very well made product and feels nice and sturdy 

Bahco 301 Coping Saw:

  • Best Looking
    Now we know that looks don't count that much, as you just want the saw to cut. It does that well, but the beech handle does help make this saw stand out from the crowd.
  • Comfortable to use
    The wooden handle is well shaped and very comfortable to use. It has been orange lacquered
  • Durability
    This saw has a nickel plated steel frame and it is a tough saw. The blade is made from hardened and tempered carbon steel and has 14 TPI

Avit AV09030 Coping Saw:

  • Good Value Saw
    This is not an expensive option but still gets good online buyer reviews. We were not that familiar with the  brand but they are a subsidiary of Karl Kammerling International
  • Comfortable to use
    The wooden handle is plain but comfortable to use.
  • Durability
    A well made frame and comes with wood cutting blades; 2 x 16tpi & 1 x 20 tpi. Also has metal cutting blades; 1 x 24tpi & 1 x 28tpi. 

Best Coping Saw Blades

There is no doubt that the biggest complaint with coping saws is that the blades break too easy. The main reason for that is user error. People tend to want to get the cutting done quickly, and they push too hard on a very thin blade. Some users also over tension the blade, so just be aware of that.

That said, not all blades are made equally. We did our usual research, and according to online buyers, the Eclipse branded coping saw blades are the best. Coping saws should be used gently and don't use one if you are in a hurry is our advice.

These come in a pack of 10 so good value from money as these work out at around 40p per blade.

They will suit most models of coping saw frames.

The blades are made from hardened steel.

These blades are 14 teeth per inch

Almost all coping saw blades are a standard length of around 175mm. Sometimes you will see measurements such as 165mm but the reality is that the coping saw frame is pretty flexible so small adjustments are easy to do.

How to Use a Coping Saw

If you want to know how to use a coping saw, then we would recommend having a watch at the video we have included just below. It gives you the basics and shows you the best way to use a coping saw.

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