Dewalt Mitre Saw UK Reviews 2017

I have to tell you that I am a huge Dewalt fan. Mitre saws is just one of the many products that they make, and for me, they are just the highest quality that you can buy. The big draw back is that they are anything but cheap. Expensive as they are, I remain a huge fan. It would not be the first time that I have just waited a few months and saved up the extra few pounds to buy a Dewalt tool.

In the main though, this brand is associated with professional tradesmen. If you walk on to any UK building site, you will find that most of the workers there, will have at least one Dewalt tool. Over the years, they have earned a powerful reputation for making the highest quality power tools on the market.

Dewalt Mitre Saws Available in The UK Market

They have been designing and making all kinds of tools since around 1920. They are the only tool that most professionals will use, and I have to say that I sit firmly in that camp as well. If you have never owned or used one, then honestly, it will be hard to explain to you, just what high quality these are.

Their brand is all about toughness and durability as they know the heavy amount of work that their tools will be put through in the construction industry. It isn't just the work though, it is the amount of abuse they will be given as well. Construction workers are not always best known for being really careful with their tools, nor for looking after them. Dewalt design their tools, including their mitre saws, with this in mind.

​Their main Headquarters is based in Slough in the UK, and they sell through a variety of different retailers. It is the retailers that will set the actual price points for your saw. They also sell through online retailers and personally I have always found Amazon, is the one of the best places, to get the best prices.

So as you can see, I clearly rate their brand. Now let's have a look at their mitre saws and find out which are the best ones to buy. Just remember that at first glance, these products seem expensive and the reality is that they are. However you are buying a professional grade saw that is the highest quality available, and one that will last you for years.

In my opinion, it is a great investment, rather than a one-off purchase. Below you will find a comparison of these saws along with reviews. It is also worth mentioning that many buyers are now going for a cordless Dewalt mitre saw, rather then the more common corded version. These are now very effective, thanks to the introduction of the Lithium Ion batteries.

Top 10 Dewalt Mitre Saws in the UK

We have included, the ranking, the product name, the average RRP, and the buyer rating scored out of 5 stars. We have also included a link to Amazon UK. If you click on that you will be taken to the Amazon website, where you can check prices, any available discounts and read other buyer reviews. Please be aware that both ratings and prices change often. We try to keep this updated but these change quickly, so always check before purchasing.

Underneath the table you will find more detailed reviews on each Dewalt mitre saw.​


Dewalt Saw Product Name


Buyer Rating

Amazon UK


Dewalt DCS365N 18 V 184 mm Cordless Mitre Saw



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Dewalt Dws774 216mm Xps Slide Mitre Saw 110 Volt



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Dewalt DCS365M2 18 V 184 mm Cordless Mitre Saw



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DeWalt 110V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS



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DeWalt WWHVBEAN 240V Crosscut Mitre Saw



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DeWalt 240V 10-inch 254mm Heavy-Duty Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Mitre Saw



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DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS



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DeWalt DW777 240V 216mm Crosscut Mitre Saw



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DeWalt 250mm 240V Compact Slide Mitre Saw



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Dewalt DWS774-GB 216-mm 230V Slide Mitre Saw with XPS



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You will notice that there are huge price variations across the range of the Dewalt saws. There are a number of reasons for that which are worth some explanation. On the list you will find corded and cordless. With the cordless range they are usually sold as "bare tools." That means they do not come with a battery or charger. So in effect that is an additional cost. Please be aware of that as it can easily add 3100 to the purchase price. If you already have an existing Dewalt battery and charger, then the cordless saw is a very good option.

The other price variation is the type of saw. Standard crosscut mitre saws will be cheaper than the compounds saws, or the sliding compound saws. That price difference can be substantial.​

You will also notice there are a couple of 110 volt mitre saws on the list. Home owners should ignore these as they are designed for building sites and contractors.​

Dewalt Mitre Saw Detailed UK Reviews

Below we have done a summary review of  each of the Dewalt mitre saws found on the top 10 list above. On each summary review, you will find a link to where we have completed a more detailed review, with a lot more information.

Dewalt DCS365N 18 V 184 mm Cordless Mitre Saw

This is a cordless mitre saw, and is new to the UK market. It uses the XPS system to ensure a perfect cut. With one single charge of the battery, you can get around 250 cuts. That shows you how much battery quality has improved. There is also a battery warning light, when the battery starts to get low. Please note this is a bare tool and does not come with a battery. That will need to be purchased as a separate item along with a charger.

It measures 56 x 40 x 64 cm and weighs around 12 Kg. It uses an 18 volt XR battery. It has cutting capacities of 

  • 90°/90°: 250x50mm
  • 90°/45°: 250x35mm
  • 45°/90°: 176x50mm
  • ,45°/45°: 176x35mm.

Dewalt Dws774 216mm Xps Slide Mitre Saw 110 Volt Dws774-lx

As the name might suggest this is a 110 volt mitre saw. That is designed for building sites and some contractors who may have drop down transformers. Home users should NOT purchase this mitre saw. This is a corded product.

It measures 52 x 46 x 40 cm and weighs around 12 Kg. It comes with a TCT blade, 2 bolts for bench mounting, one clamp and a spanner for removing or attaching the blade.

This model is again relatively new to the UK market, so not a lot of reviews to go on. Those that do exist are very good. It uses the illuminated XPS shadow line for cutting, has a head lock function used when moving it, quick release and integrated mitre stops.

Dewalt DCS365M2 18 V 184 mm Cordless Mitre Saw

This is similar to the first cordless mitre saw that we reviewed on our list. The key difference is this one is a double bevelled saw. That also makes it more expensive.

It measures 49 x 59 x 59 cm and weighs around 16.5 Kg. It uses 2 Lithium Ion batteries and in this case the batteries are supplied, another reason why this saw is more expensive.

This model is again relatively new to the UK market, so not a lot of reviews to go on. It has a fan cooled motor, the shadow line cutting system and has dual fences. It is again very light in weight for ease of portability as the base is made from toughened aluminium.

Provides accurate and consistent mitre angle settings from 0 to 48 degrees right and left.

DeWalt 110V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS - DWS780/110V

Please note that this is a 110 volt model and as such is really only suitable for site workers or builders. That is because it uses the transformers on site for increased safety according to building and construction regulations. This is not a choice for the home user.

It measures 61 x 50 x 76 cm and weighs around 20 Kg. It Is also one of the most expensive Dewalt mitre saws that you can buy. In the 110 Volt range for a compound sliding saw, it is certainly the best.

The only thing that will deter professionals from buying this one is the very high price tag. It has been designed to do all types of mitre cutting, and has been built to last for many years. The model number is the very popular DWS 780 model but make sure you pick the 110V option, if that is what you are looking for.

Easy to use controls and the mitre lock system allows the user faster and easier to adjust angles between 0-50° left and 0-60 degrees to the right

Dewalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw Reviewed
Dewalt DWS780 - 305 mm Compound Slide Saw

This is the one that a few of my working colleagues own and in my opinion, an outstanding piece of kit. At around £625 you would of course expect that to be the case and this one certainly will not let you down.

I do appreciate that it is an expensive purchase and only regular users or professionals should opt for this purchase. This one will give you a superb cutting experience, and is also ideal for any heavy duty work. Landscapers, or anyone working on a restoration project, building a deck, laying floorboards will find this saw invaluable.

It is also light enough to be portable, so ideal if you have to move around on different jobs.

Has a cutting capacity of 12" wide and 4.3" deep​

dewalt dw777 mitre saw
Dewalt DW777 Crosscut Mitre Saw

This is their best seller across the Dewalt range of mitre saws. It has an average price point of around £240-250. A powerful 1,800 watt motor will provide you with more than enough power to ease through all your cutting jobs.

This is a very accurate saw and what makes it even more useful is that it is light enough to be portable. It has a blade speed of 6,300 rpm which is ideal for this saw size. This will be the ideal purchase for almost all users and you will be able to do about 90% of all the projects you want to work on.

Dewalt DW743N Combination Saw

This is what I decided to go for in the end as it combines a high quality mitre saw with a table saw. My old table saw was on its last legs, and I was looking at reviews on those anyway.I was also looking for a mitre saw and clearly this combination of both intrigued me. At the end of the day this was from Dewalt so at least I know the quality would be good.

Sometimes it is hard to decide which saws you will get the most use out of and are stuck between say a band saw, a table saw or a mitre. With this one you get the table and mitre, and to be honest that almost instantly opens up any number of cutting methods and choices. It is a really clever combination.

Dewalt DWS780 12" Sliding Compound Review

This compound saw is classed as the industry benchmark, which is why I have included it here. The reality is that most people will not be able to afford this as it comes with a mighty price tag of over £800. It is aimed exclusively at the construction and building market, and it is one of the best saws you will ever use in your life.

I know this because I was fortunate enough to use this on a large job I was doing in Dublin. Now it wasn't my saw, but one of the guys working there had it. Although he let me use it, he did keep a watchful eye and I can't say that I blame him for that.

The Dewalt Range of Mitre Saw Products

Dewalt, to their credit, regularly bring out new products. The company has been going now for close to 60 years. They made their name in the USA, but now export their high quality tools all over the world. At the moment they are doing a lot of releases with their cordless products. That is why we have seen the launch of the DCS365N, the DCS365M2 and the DCS777T2. The first two models are 18 volt options, and the last one is a powerful 54 volt option.

It is my belief that the cordless tools will grow in popularity. For a long time the old Ni-Cd batteries put buyers off investing in cordless saws. With the advance of the much improved Lithium-Ion batteries, that problem has now gone away. Using cordless tools makes them portable, and that is a huge advantage for many buyers.​

This Dewalt mitre saw page is regularly updated. That will help you keep on top of what is currently available in the UK market. As you known brands are always bringing out new products. We review them as quickly as we can.