Black and Decker CD602 Circular Saw Review 

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Our Review of the Black + Decker CD602 Circular Saw

The Black and Decker DC602 model is one that is affordable, and a really useful tool to have around the home or garage. Don't spend ages and effort with a hand saw, when this one will get through most woods in a few seconds.

Below we have conducted a full review, on this very popular model from the well liked Black + Decker brand.​

What Buyers Say About the ​Black + Decker CD602 Circular SAW

We have summarised below what buyers actually said about this particular model. These are very useful as people have bough the CD 602 model, used it, and then taken the time to rate and review their thoughts.

They then allocate a rating based on stars, with 5 stars being the highest, and 1 star being the lowest. Here is how they are split for this particular circular saw.

65 %
25 %
7 %
0 %
3 %

You can quickly see from this, that the number of poor ratings is almost negligible. In addition around 2 out of every 3 people gave this one the full 5 star rating, and 90% rated it 4 stars or higher. Those are all excellent signs. If you decide to buy this one, then according to buyers, you will be well pleased with your purchase.

In terms of price the RRP of this one is around £69.99. You can however usually find a cheaper deal by searching around. At Amazon this one is available as a stand alone product, and they also have a very special deal if bought with a Black + Decker Workmate bench.

Now that we know what the buyers think, let's look at this CD602 circular saw in a lot more detail.

CD602 Specification & Features

Below we have listed the key features, and also explained what those features can be used for.

Black + Decker CD602 Circular SAW
  • There is a depth cut - this is really useful when using a circular saw, and more importantly it is very easy to set, great for making part cuts, or grooves.
  • It can cut bevels which again is very useful for making cuts that don't have sharp edges (45 degree bevels)
  • Comes with a solid B+D 2-Year Guarantee
  • Also comes with a TCT blade and the Rip fence
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Measures 26.4 x 29.4 x 40.4 cm
  • Weighs 5 Kg
  • Voltage = 240 Volts - Corded product
  • Power 1,150 Watts
  • 170 mm cutting blade with a 55 mm cutting depth (2.17")
  • Also has a safety lock
  • Dust extraction is decent ( no dust bag provided)
  • Also has a parallel guide to ensure straight cutting

What Makes This CD602 Useful

This is just a very good basic circular saw, that is handy for ripping through wood, or for doing crosscuts. It is light in weight, and is also very easy to use. If you have ever used a hand saw, to cut strips of wood, or panels, then you know it is a boring and arduous task.

When you own a circular saw, then the task is easy and more importantly, very fast.​

You can use if for tasks like trimming the edges of doors, cutting floorboards, cutting laminate flooring, cutting joists and cutting decking boards.​

Set Up

This type of saw is pretty straightforward to setup, as it comes almost ready to use. It is of course very worthwhile to read through the instructions, especially for the bevel feature, and how to set the depth stop.

The Actual Cut​

The blades that normally come with any type of circular saw do what is classed as a rough cut. On this one it is actually not too bad. If you like nice clean and smooth cuts, then all you need to do is use some sandpaper and that will do the job.

Just remember that the biggest thing you can cut with this is around 2" or 55 mm. That is OK for most of the flatter boards, like floorboards and doors. It wouldn't work on posts for example.​

The Bevel Feature

This is a feature that most home users will never really use. It is a handy one to have though if you ever do. This one can do up to 45 degrees and any range under that. It is a handy feature for doing neater edges and for some joints.​ A bevel joint is simply a slanted joint.

Black + Decker CD602 Circular SAW


Value for Money




Cutting Capacity


Range of Features


Customer Support


What Buyers Liked

  • Affordable
  • Low Noise and low vibration
  • Rise and fall depth gauge
  • Useful tool for your toolbox
  • Good for a range of jobs around the home


  • Not for very heavy work

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