BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB Compact Jigsaw UK Review 

By  The Saw Guy

Thanks for taking the time to check out our review of the affordable and popular BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB Compact Jigsaw. This model is at the lower end of the price point range for this type of electrical corded saw.

Overall buyers rate this one with an 92% buyer satisfaction rating, which is an excellent rating. This model has an RRP of £42.64, but we have found many examples of this being cheaper online, depending on the deal available.

This KS501 model is a good quality basic jigsaw. There really is nothing too fancy about it, but it does what it is supposed to very well.

Below you will find a full review and can also find out about what buyers have to say and how they rate this affordable Black & Decker jigsaw. We have included an image just below of this model.

As you can see it comes in the classic Black and Decker orange colour. You plug it into the main's electric, and then squeeze the trigger at the top to start the saw up. The reciprocating blade then does the cutting, and the shoe on the bottom allows the saw to rest on the material being cut.

We have done a full review below, but for those of you who don't have the time to read that, we have provided a summary review just below.

Summary Review of the BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB Compact Jigsaw

92% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

  • This is a basic entry level jigsaw with 400 watts of power.
  • It is an electrical corded jigsaw
  • Measures 21 x 29 x 83 cm and weighs 1.7 Kg
  • It can be used to make straight cuts or 45 degree bevel cuts
  • It does have a lock on switch
  • Ideal for light applications such as cutting wood, plastic and light metals

Who Would Buy this  Compact Jigsaw?

Most potential buyers of this saw will know what a jigsaw does. It is a great choice for doing straight cuts, bevel cuts, and also for cutting out shapes in wood or plastic. One of the most popular uses for a jigsaw is to cut out shapes.

For example cutting out the hole in a worktop so as you can fit a sink. This B&D model is at the entry level so it is good for light DIY applications. It comes with a blade suitable for cutting wood or plastic.

You could cut light metals like aluminium and even light steel, but you would need to change the blade to a metal cutting blade.

That makes this model a good choice for home DIY enthusiasts. It is a small and compact jigsaw that is pretty light. It is also easy and comfortable to use and control.

This jigsaw is NOT suitable for heavy duty work or for cutting through large timber. It is also not suitable for professionals who need to use a jigsaw everyday.

Buyers used it for laying laminate floors, adjusting the length of doors, shelving, cutting decking boards and general household maintenance.

The Black & Decker Brand

The Black & Decker brand has been around in the UK for many years. They were founded in 1910 in Baltimore America. The name comes from Alonzo G Decker and S Duncan Black. 

In the 1950's they made electric drills and outdoor gardening tools. In the 1960's they made the first cordless drill. Since then they have gone on to make many different types of power tools including various types of power saws.

Many DIY enthusiasts will be familiar with the B&D Workmate, the Dustbuster etc. They now make power tools, garden tools, painting and decorating tools, car care tools and more.

They have acquired many companies over the year under the name of Stanley Black and Decker and these include, Bostitch, Crafstman, Dewalt, Irwin, Piranha, Porter Cable and Stanley.

How Buyers Rate the BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB?


As you can see this jigsaw is extremely well rated by buyers. They have given this model an average 92% buyer satisfaction rate, which has remained consistent for a long time.

  • 73% of all buyers have given this model a full 5 star rating
  • 2% of buyers so far have given this one a low rating

What Buyers Say About the KS501-GB Jigsaw?

Just below we have made a pros and cons table of the good and bad things buyers had to say when they bought this product, used it and then took the time to leave a review. We have then summarised those into what buyers liked and didn't like.


  • 69% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • There are no very bad reviews
  • A good choice for the occasional DIY user
  • Great Value for money
  • Can use either U or T shaped blades which means you are not restricted to blade types
  • Cuts well and leaves a decent finish


  • Not that powerful and only good for the lightest of jobs
  • Need a screwdriver to change the blades

KS501-GB Jigsaw Specification

Some buyers like to read and understand the specification. We always like to include that and show what benefits the features actually bring to the end user.

Black + Decker 400 W Compact Jigsaw specification
  • Power - 400 watts and that is fine for light cutting
  • Weight - 1.3 kg and that is light when compared to other brands of jigsaws
  • Comfortable - it is well designed and nice and balanced in the hand with a non-slip handle
  • Low profile - that helps keep the saw low to the cutting material and makes the cutting process a bit more stable and controlled
  • Depth of cut - wood (65 mm) Aluminium (10 mm) Light steel (5 mm)
  • Cord Length - 2 metres - that is like most jigsaws and almost always will need to be used with an extension lead of some kind
  • Cut Type - straight cuts, curved cuts and 45 degree only bevels
  • Dust Blower - when you cut the sawdust can cover up the marked line and the dust blower on this one does a good job of blowing the dust away from the work surface
  • Wire Blade Guard - By using a wire blade guard B&D ensure that you can actually see the blade when it is cutting and that is very good. Some brands use a plastic or solid metal blade guard and that makes it hard to see the blade
  • Variable Speed - this one does have variable speed which is useful if cutting through different types of material

Our Verdict on the BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB Compact Jigsaw

For anyone wanting to buy a good basic entry level jigsaw, then you will not find anything any better than this Black and Decker model. There are no frills with this saw and if you need a saw of this type for basic work around the home, then this one ticks every box.

Buyers rate it highly at 92% and it is certainly very good value for money.


If you are looking for a jigsaw that is more powerful or has more features then please check out our list of the top 10 jigsaws on the UK market by clicking here.

Alternatively you may prefer a cordless jigsaw, and you can check those out by clicking here.

The features that you are missing out with this one include:

  • More power and deeper cutting depths
  • A choice of bevel angles
  • Laser guides
  • Tool less blade changes
  • Carrying case
  • Cable Guides

However it is worth mentioning that for those extra features you will pay 2-3 times the price. It really does depend on what features you absolutely have to have on your jigsaw. As I have mentioned this BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB is a very good basic entry level jigsaw, suitable for most home maintenance tasks.

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