Bosch PST 800 PEL Jigsaw UK Review 

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Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the high selling Bosch PST 800 jigsaw. There are plenty of buying options for jigsaws in the UK as they are offered by all of the best tool brands.

This Bosch model however, is one of the very best on the UK market, and we would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending this particular model to any potential buyer.

This saw ticks all the right boxes for features and is also we believe excellent value for money. As well as that Bosch is a high quality tool brand, and the many buyer reviews online all have great things to say about this model.

Check out our detailed review below to see exactly what you can get for your hard earned cash.

As a short summary this is a corded jigsaw that runs off a 530 watt motor, and is classed as a 4-stage orbital model with a pendulum action that can cut up to 80 mm depth in wood.

The blades are very fast to change and no tools are required, it has a soft grip handle, low vibration and comes with a cable guide and hanging hook for easy storage.

Who Does & Should Buy the Bosch PST 800?

This is a great option for anyone who wants or enjoys doing work around the home and garden, or for anyone who enjoys doing some DIY. Many professionals also use this one.

The most popular use for any jigsaw is to cut out curves and shapes especially on worktops. It can also be used as a handy general purpose saw.

The Bosch Brand

Bosch are a very popular brand in the UK, and they are known for making very high quality tools as well as garden tools and equipment. They also make a range of home appliances. With reference to tools Bosch make their tools for professionals and contractors in a blue colour, and their tools for working at home in a green colour.

In the UK, they trade as Robert Bosch Limited and have 5,200 employees across 40 different sites. The UK is the second largest market for this company.

They own a number of companies including Dremel, Rexroth, Buderus, CST/Berger, Dynacord, Freud, RTS, Robinair and Worcester Bosch.

Service Line Phone Number: 0344 736 0109

How Buyers Rate the Bosch PST 800?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers rate this jigsaw with an excellent average buyer satisfaction rating of 92%
  • 74% of all buyers give this jigsaw a full 5 star rating
  • Only 1% of all buyers gave this a bad review

What Buyers Say about the PST 800?

Now that we know how highly buyers rate this PST 800 model, let's have a look at what real life buyers had to say about this model.

We find the easiest way to do this is to put together a pros and cons table that shows what buyers really liked and what they didn't. You can find this table just below.


  • 74% of all buyers gave this a 5 star rating
  • Buyers said this was very good at cutting laminates and veneers as there was no splintering
  • Most buyers said this was very useful for working on a range of DIY projects
  • Buyers say this tool feels well balanced in the hand
  • Most buyers also said this saw was very easy to use
  • Buyers say it works really well in terms of cutting and even on the harder woods like oak


  • 1% of all buyers gave this a bad rating
  • A few buyers said the mechanism to change the base plate angle was cumbersome

As you can see generally speaking the reviews are highly positive. There were a couple of complaints about sawdust, but to be honest we have yet to find any jigsaw that does a good job of removing dust from the cutting line.

At least this one has an air blast to help remove most of it.

PST 800 Specification

Some buyers like to know the full specification and technical details of any product they are considering buying.

We have included a full specification below and also explained what certain features can actually do for you.

bosch pst 800 jigsaw

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  • Measures 38.4 x 29 x 9.8 cm
  • Weighs 2.94 Kg
  • It is a corded electric jigsaw
  • Comes with one blade suitable for cutting wood
  • Comes with a hard plastic carrying case
  • Stroke rate can be adjusted using the trigger switch and that is especially useful when starting the cut
  • Has a 530 watt motor and that is enough power for most jobs around the home and garden
  • 4 stage orbital action which speeds the sawing process up
  • Using an SDS system for easy and fast blade change so no tools are required
  • Has a dust extraction port
  • You can store up to 6 blades in the storage compartment
  • Has a cable guide and hanging hook for easy storage
  • You can cut metal with this saw but that will require a metal cutting blade

PST 800 Video Review

We searched around on YouTube to see if we could find a good review video so that you could see it being used. Thankfully we found one, and we have included that just below.

It is certainly worth a look if you are thinking about buying this particular model.

As you can see from the video above, there are some really useful features on this saw. The instructions are pretty comprehensive. The saw blade storage is handy, but you will need to buy some blades.

Tool changing is a breeze, and we really do like the soft start up and the fact that you can change the oscillation of the blade. That is handy for working on different materials.

The dust blower also works pretty well.

Curved cuts and shapes are easy with this one. The one thing we didn't like was having to use a screw to change the angle of the base plate. That could be frustrating especially if you plan on doing a lot of bevel cuts.

Our Verdict on the Bosch PST 800 Jigsaw?

This PST 800 model is however one of the best sellers, and also one of the highest buyer rated that is currently available on the UK market.

Yes there are cheaper models out there, but this one is built to last and has all of the important features, with a few extras as well.

The only niggle we have with this one is that a laser line would have been useful, and this model doesn't have that.

Bosch are an excellent brand and this model is one of their better products. Without moving into the more expensive Bosch Blue professional range of tools, this one is about as good if not better than most other DIY jigsaws on the UK market.

The Bosch PST 800 is a good choice for the UK homeowner, or for someone who enjoys doing some DIY at home.

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