Mitre Saw Common Concerns & Problems

Common Complaints Made By Customers – How To Avoid Those Mistakes

Just like any other product being sold, there are complaints, concerns or problems that people have had with mitre saws. A great number of these are common types of problems so I would like to advise you of what they are and how you can avoid them.

The key to avoiding these issues is to find out about the potential problems before you decide which one to buy instead of after! We are sure that everyone will agree with that sentiment. Many websites will avoid telling people about these, but we just don’t see the point in that. The better informed that you can be, then the better choice you can make.

A saw, especially one with a range of added features, tends to have a very specific list of troubles that customers have experienced.

We have put together a number of helpful pages for you that will advise you on these matters so you can work out what kind of saw will work best for you and your particular needs. We would strongly recommend reading our buyer’s guide as you will find some great information there.

Customer Service

image of a helpful customer service agentYou could probably have guessed that this one would top the list. Customer service or after care is the single biggest complaint that we find when someone purchases a saw. Well in fact it would be fair to say, that this applies to any product really.

These concerns cover off issues such as warranties, guarantees, “dead on arrival” and lack of response to customer enquiries. It is always worthwhile checking out what to look out for to ensure that you get the best service possible. Read More Here.

General Construction

a quality approved imageWhen you spend your hard earned money on any product, then you want it to do the job and you want it to last for a long time. The general construction and the materials used will determine that.

If you buy a cheap saw that is made from poor materials, or uses a lot of plastic in the construction, then a price will have to be paid when it comes to durability. Quite often manufacturers prefer to add gadgets and features rather than focus on a well constructed saw. When you have read as many reviews as I have, you quite soon find out that cheap plastic casings are just a recipe for disaster.  Read More Here.


picture of a mitre saw bladeOn these we could quite literally write a book. The quality of the blade will determine the quality of the cut. Almost every single manufacturer provides a standard general purpose blade when you buy a saw.

The most popular complaint is without any doubt, that blades are burning the wood that is being cut. Almost always that is one of three things which is a blunt blade, or the wrong blade being used for the type of cut or wood that you are using, or the machine is set to run too fast for the material being cut. Read More Here…

Accurate Angles

Image of an accurate rulerThere is a huge difference between a 90 degree cut and an 89 degree cut. A single degree in a long cut, will leave a gap in your joint and will look pretty awful. An assumption that many people make is that the measurements on a mitre saw are extremely accurate.

This is especially true with the pre-sets. Some of these saws are just not made with that high degree of accuracy that you would think they should have. I think out of all the saws that I have ever used only a couple came out of the factory with an accurate 90 degree right angle setting. Read More Here

Sticking Turn tables

picture of a mitre saw turntableWhen you have had your saw for a while, some people have a real problem with the turn table getting stuck. When mitre saws are new, then they can turn quite easily so as you can make your mitre cuts.

Over time though this operation can become less smooth, and in some of the worst cases, can jam completely. The main cause for this is of course sawdust falling down into the turntable and mixing with any oil or greases.

Read some great tips on how to help prevent that and also how to fix it. Read More Here…


image of a laser lineThere is little question that having a laser on a mitre saw is a pretty clever idea. On the other hand if this laser is inaccurate or not a sharp beam, then it is more a hindrance than a blessing.

This is typically one of these really nice features that makers use to attract you to a product, and then when you get the actual product, it can be a proper let down. Personally I would never rely on a laser to identify a straight line and prefer the good old fashioned drawn line.


These are the main concerns that you should think about when buying a mitre saw. Of all of these customer service is the number one priority. If you get a nice solid manufacturer’s warranty, then for me that makes a huge difference. That is what I always look at when I am buying any product that costs over £100.

Also be aware of what is termed “end of line” products. These are products that the manufacturer is no longer going to make. They will reduce those to try and sell off any remaining stocks so you can certainly pick up a bargain. That is fine as long as you can still by standard parts for them such as the right sized blades.