Dewalt DCS371N-XJ Cordless Portable Bandsaw 

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Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the popular Dewalt DCS371N-XJ Cordless Portable Bandsaw. The main purpose of this saw is to own something that is portable, and will easily cut through lengths of metal.

This includes rods, threaded bars, pipes and Unistrut. As such this is a handy tool for some engineers, metal construction, garages, plumbers and electricians, to name a few.

The Important Features You Need to Know

Just below we have explained the really important features that you should know about. We explain these in more detail later in this review, but have done a short easy to read summary just below.


This is a cordless portable band saw. It operates on the Dewalt 18V XR system. It is sold as a tool only.

Size and Weight

This saw is 385 mm long, 280 mm in height and weighs 3.9 Kg. It is comfortable to hold.

Cutting Capability

This saw has a 63mm cut capacity and can cut up to DN 50 or 2" SCH 40 pipe

A quick word on how we do our reviews

When reviewing any product, our team check where it is sold online. We then visit those websites and make notes about the ratings and read all of the reviews. We then summarise that data to make it easier to read for our loyal readers.

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The Important Buyer Ratings

100+ online buyers have given this portable bandsaw an overall buyer satisfaction rating of 98%

Overall Rating
Value for Money

Pros and Cons of Buying this portable bandsaw

We look very carefully at what buyers have to say as we think that is very important to see what real life buyers have to say after they have bought and used the product.

We then summarise those views in a pros and cons table which you can read just below.


  • Buyers loved how easy this was to use and had really good balance to it  
  • Buyers really appreciated the beauty of this being cordless and portable
  • The vast majority of all buyers were really impressed with its cutting capability
  • All buyers said this is much quieter and does cleaner cuts than an angle grinder


  • It isn't cheap

Video Review of the DCS371N-XJ

We searched around the web to try and find the most useful video for anyone thinking of buying this bandsaw. This one is in our opinion the one that is the most helpful and informative.

Key Features (Explained)

We mentioned earlier in the review that we would explain the features in more detail. Just below you can read about all the features this bandsaw has to offer.

Cutting Capability

It has a cutting capacity of 63 70 mm (2.5") which will allow you to cut through DN50, 2" SCH40 stainless steel pipe, and really good for awkward places in the jobsite. It comes with a variable pitch bi-metal blade

Size and Weight

This bandsaw is designed to be portable. It measures 38.5 x 30 x 28 cm and weighs 3.9 Kg (8.6 lbs) That is about the weight of 4 bags of sugar. All things considered, for a tough saw, that cuts through metal, that is not bad.

When we were doing our research, we noted that many buyers said they considered this to be lightweight and very easy to handle. It also saved them time having to pull out a larger metal cutting saw.

Many also said it was just so much better than having to cut their way through pipes etc with a standard hacksaw. Not only was it a great deal easier, but has saved them hours of time and hacksaw blades.

Clean Cuts

Anyone who cuts any type of metal is more than familiar with the term burrs. Yes those irritating things that can produce a beautiful cut on your fingers. We specifically looked out for buyer comments on those during our research.

Almost every buyer stated that this model delivered a nice clean cut without burrs. That is always good to know and can also save you time by not having to file away those ragged edges. It will also save a few trips to look for the first aid box.

There are little to no sparks flying around a nd generates very little heat in the metal.

Other Material Cuts

This bandsaw is designed to cut lengths of metal. It is also worth noting that it is also useful for cutting other materials like wood and plastic. It works really well on plastic trunking. Just remember though, that the blade is primarily designed for the cutting of metal.

This bandsaw vs an angle grinder?

According to buyers this saw is so much quieter than an angle grinder, doesn't make anywhere near as much noise, and leaves a cleaner cut.

Competitor Portable Bandsaw Comparison

It is always worth comparing this bandsaw against other competitor bandsaws just to get a better feel of capability performance and the all important price points.

In this case the two main competitors are Makita and Milwaukee.

98% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

96% buyer satisfaction based on 25+ online buyer reviews

98% buyer satisfaction based on 10+ online buyer reviews

Its two biggest competitors are bandsaws from either Makita or Milwaukee. They are all sold as bare tools so you can compare those like for like. The Dewalt is the cheapest option and has sold 3-4 times more than its rivals.

The Milwaukee bandsaw has a larger 125 x 125 cutting capacity and the Makita has the advantage of using any standard 1,140 x 13 mm (44-7/8 x 1/2 Inches) blades and also has a work light.

Which Dewalt Batteries & Charger Do You Need?

The battery required to make this one work is the standard Dewalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Battery, which costs around £50-55, depending on where you make your purchase.

So, if you bought this bare tool, and the battery, your total outlay would be around £160. For that you would own the best cordless jigsaw that there is to be bought.

If you already own any of the Dewalt 18V XR batteries (or charger) then they will work on this bandsaw.

Our Verdict on the Dewalt DCS371N-XJ Cordless Portable Bandsaw

100+ online buyers have given this a 98% buyer satisfaction rating

The high ratings pretty much tell you everything you need to know about this bandsaw.

If you need to cut metal on a regular basis, then this should become one of your tools

It is well made, has a really nice balance to it, even if you have to hold it up over your head

During our research we couldn't find a single complaint about it, so of the above is a great sign, if you are considering making this purchase.

Spare Blades for the Dewalt DCS371N-XJ

25+ online buyers have given this a 92% buyer satisfaction rating

This is a pack of 4 blades suitable for the Dewalt  band saw DCS 371 N/NT.

These blades can cut through metal, aluminium, stainless steel, and plastic.

We have also used them on wood and they work great

These are also really easy to fit which we think is always and important consideration

The Dewalt Brand

Dewalt are the most popular and high quality tool brand used by many professionals and those working in the trades. They make a whole range of power tools including Grinders, Drills, Screwdrivers, heat guns, nailers, lasers, sanders, routers, saws etc.

They have 4 ranges of tools that are known as XR Flexvolt, XR Flexvolt Advantage, Perform and Protect and XR Flexvolt Outdoor Equipment.

UK Phone number: +44(0) 1753 511234

email: service.uk@sbdinc.com

Dewalt are actually owned by Stanley Black & Decker who are the umbrella group for other brands such as Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Bostitch, MAC tools, Vidmar and more.

Dewalt Warranty Policy

Dewalt power tools, including mitre saws come with a 12 month warranty. However, this can be easily extended to 3 years of you register your new tool within 4 weeks of purchase online.

Hopefully our review of the Dewalt DCS371N-XJ potable bandsaw for cutting metal has helped you out.

The Saw Guy

We review the different types of powers saws on the UK market. We do a lot of research to make sure we bring you the very latest information and reviews on the full range of mitre, circular, chop, reciprocating and jigsaws.

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