Dewalt DWS774 Mitre Saw UK Review 

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Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Dewalt DWS774 mitre saw. Please be aware that this mitre saw is available for home use in a 240 volt version. This saw with the same features is also designed for contractors who work on building sites. That comes in a 110 volt saw that uses a step down transformer for increased safety as part of recommended builder regulations.

This model is a 216 mm sliding mitre saw that also has the very popular XPS cutting line shadow indicator.

Just below we have done a full review, but first we have shown how buyers rate this saw, and what they had to say about it after they had bought and used it.

How Buyers Rate the Dewalt DWS774

Buyer Satisfaction
  • The average buyer satisfaction rating for this mitre saw is 94% which is an excellent rating
  • 84% of all those buyers gave this saw a full 5 star review
  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor review

This information is based on 200+ online buyer reviews

What Buyers Say about the Dewalt DWS774


  • Buyers said this is a really good size and cut through almost anything  
  • Although expensive, most buyers thought it was good value for the money
  • Some buyers said this saw is the best in this class
  • Buyers loved the sliding action


  • A couple of buyers said it was not set accurately out of the box 
  • A couple of buyers said the laser lines needed to be tweaked

Dewalt DWS 774 (110V) Specification

For those that like to see the technical details, let's see what this saw offers:

  • Measures 52 x 46 x 40 cm
  • Weighs 12 Kg
  • Corded product suitable for 110 Volt transformers
  • Torque = 110 newton meters
  • Comes with 1 TCT blade and spanner, 2 bench mounting bolts and 1 clamp
  • 1,400 watt motor
  • XPS shadow line indicator
  • Head lock
  • Integrated positive mitre stops at 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°
  • Quick release mitre mechanism up to 50°
  • No Load Speed: 6,300/min.
  • Blade: 216 x 30mm bore
  • Max Depth: 80 mm.
  • Mitre Cut: 48/48°
  • Bevel: 48°

Dewalt DWS 774 Cutting Capacities

  • Capacity: 90/90°: 250 x 60mm
  • 90/45°: 265 x 48mm
  • 45/90°: 177 x 60mm
  • 45/45°: 190 x 48 mm

DWS 774 Mitre Saw Main Review

As we mentioned earlier, there are not a lot of reviews to be able to make a proper assessment of this mitre saw from Dewalt. Of the few that do exist, it is rated very highly, with all buyers giving this one the thumbs up.

The dust extraction is according to buyers much improved from previous versions of this saw. Dewalt have also stated that the base and fence have been machined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Older versions also had a head lock, which is of course used when you are moving the saw around from location to location. This has been improved as they have now added a traverse function for trim applications and ease of transportation.

It is also light in weight, and that again makes the saw a great deal more portable.

Our Verdict on the Dewalt DWS 774 Model

The number of complaints about this saw are very low and they are really only about minor setting up issues. In our experience, we have found that any saw will need to be set out straight out of the box.

Circular saws are set up accurately in the factory, but the way they get transported can kick them out of alignment. They are easy to correct and once done with this model, then it certainly performs very well.

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The Dewalt Brand

Dewalt are the most popular and high quality tool brand used by many professionals and those working in the trades. They make a whole range of power tools including Grinders, Drills, Screwdrivers, heat guns, nailers, lasers, sanders, routers, saws etc.

They have 4 ranges of tools that are known as XR Flexvolt, XR Flexvolt Advantage, Perform and Protect and XR Flexvolt Outdoor Equipment.

UK Phone number: +44(0) 1753 511234

email: service.uk@sbdinc.com

Dewalt are actually owned by Stanley Black & Decker who are the umbrella group for other brands such as Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Bostitch, MAC tools, Vidmar and more.

Dewalt Warranty Policy

Dewalt power tools, including mitre saws come with a 12 month warranty. However, this can be easily extended to 3 years of you register your new tool within 4 weeks of purchase online.

We have also included some other Dewalt mitre saw reviews just below.

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