Dewinner Cordless Jigsaw Review 

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Who Buys This Dewinner Jigsaw?

The vast majority of people who have purchased this jigsaw did so for two main reasons:

  1. Buyers believe it is excellent value for money
  2. Buyers wanted a jigsaw to be able to do some basic cutting of wood, both straight lines and shapes

Value for Money

There is no doubt that the main reason people buy this jigsaw is that the jigsaw comes with a battery and charger and a few blades. You get that package for under £70. To give you a comparison we calculated the average price of a cordless jigsaw with a battery and charger, and it comes in around £130-170 depending on which brand you pick.

So as you can see, there is little doubt that this is good in terms of value for your money.

Basic Features

This jigsaw has solid basic features such as a tool free blade change, the adjustable soleplate that allows for making bevel cuts, orbital settings and an LED light. For most buyers that is really all they will every want or need.

cordless jigsaw from dewinner

Things a Buyer Should Know

We are not going to argue about the value for money, because it is very good for that. However, there are other considerations that we like to make our readers aware of.

We were not familiar with this brand, and we work a lot with power tools, especially saws of all kinds.

We searched around for company information and just couldn't find anything online. That includes a website or any company details. We also couldn't find a phone number, email address or any method of contacting the company.

We also looked to see if we could buy a spare battery and couldn't find that either. Now that information may be out there, but we could not find it. So we have no idea what a buyer would do if they got a fault or wanted a replacement battery or charger.

If you buy one online, you can of course contact the buyer in the early stages of your transaction if you have issues.

Some buyers have decided to purchase anyway, given the value for money.

Alternative Good Value Choice

If the information we have provided above puts you off, then we have included to the right what we think is a great alternative, but from a recognised brand Black & Decker.

This jigsaw comes with a battery and charger and has pretty similar features to the Dewinner model we are reviewing here.

Black & Decker are based in the UK with good customer service, they have available parts and are easy to get in touch with.

This saw is around the same price point but also gets higher buyer satisfaction ratings.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,700 online buyer reviews

For those who want to find out more about the Dewinner, we have done a full review just below.

How Buyers Rate the Dewinner Jigsaw

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 63% of all buyers gave this jigsaw a full 5 star review
  • 15% gave this jigsaw a bad review

These ratings are based on 200+ online buyer reviews at the time of writing this article

What Buyers Say About this Model

We have summarised below what buyers had to say about this Dewinner saw


  • The majority of buyers liked the freedom of being able to work with a cordless jigsaw
  • Buyers said it was lightweight and very comfortable to use
  • Buyers liked the tool free blade change though a few buyers said it was a bit fiddly
  • Buyers though it was worth the money for the quality


  • A few buyers said the packaging was awful
  • A few buyers said it was a pity there was no case for it
  • A few buyers said it just struggled to even cut a straight line

The Main Features and what they mean

Just below we have included the key features of this jigsaw and how they can benefit you when using the jigsaw.

Orbital Speeds

When you read the product description of a jigsaw, you may come across a term known as orbital speed. Usually it will show you how many settings of orbital speed there are. An orbital setting makes the blade create a circular type of movement, and that means the user can saw faster in a straight line. the higher the orbital action the faster the saw will cut, but you do lose considerable accuracy.

High orbital settings are fine for rougher cuts where they are not really seen. You also need different cutting speeds for different materials such as wood, metal and plastic, and orbital settings give you these options.

This Dewinner model has 4 orbital settings allowing you a range of speed cutting options.

Tilting Base/Soleplate

Most good jigsaws now have a base, often called a plate, that tilts to the left and to the right. (Sometimes called a dual bevel)

The blade remains at a 90 degree angle, but the tilting base then allows you to saw a piece of wood at an angle of your choice. This is usually referred to as a bevel cut. Bevel cuts are used on items such as shelves, table tops, trim etc.

This Dewinner jigsaw has a tilting base up to 45 degrees both left and right, so it ticks the box for that feature.

Tool Less Blade Change

In the bad old days, jigsaws had blades that were held in place with a very small screw. That made changing the blade time consuming, and if you lost the screw, a complete nightmare. These screws wore down over time and became useless, and rendered your jigsaw useless.

Any good jigsaw now uses some form of tool less blade change. Usually that is in the form of a quick release chuck, where you simply pop out the old blade using a lever, and then push a new blade into place.

The huge majority of tool less jigsaws use what is called a T-shank blade, rather than the older style u-shaped blade, which needs a screw to hold it in place.

This model has a tool less blade change, though quite a few buyers mention, there is a bit of a knack to doing this on this model the first few times.

Cutting Capacity

Something that is easily overlooked when buying a jigsaw is the actual cutting capacity. It is actually very important as it refers to the depth that the jigsaw can cut through. As you will know wood is sold in many different depths, so you need to be certain that the jigsaw that you are using has a blade that goes deep enough to fully cut through the wood.

The Dewinner jigsaw can handle:

  • Wood 56mm
  • Metal 6mm

Pendulum Selector

When you engage the pendulum action on a jigsaw, it changes the standard up and down action, to an up and down action and a backwards and forwards action. This speeds up the overall cutting efficiency of the saw. This should never be confused with the orbital action as they are not the same thing.

A pendulum action will allow you to cut into thicker and harder materials faster. The key benefit of that is that it speeds up your work, saves you time, and also reduces wear on the motor.

This model does have a 3 stage pendulum action selector.

Variable Speed & Strokes Per Minute

Variable speed in a jigsaw is important simply because you cut different materials at different speeds. As an example wood can be cut at high speeds, whereas, metal should be cut a much slower speed.

If you only plan on using your jigsaw to cut wood, then the variable speed really does not matter a great deal. The speed is controlled by how much you squeeze the trigger on the jigsaw.

LED Light

Like many features on a jigsaw, an LED light that activates when the trigger is squeezed, is pretty much standard on jigsaws. The obvious benefit of lighting up the area that you are working on can be useful, especially if you are cutting in a tight space with restricted light.

3 Key Buying Considerations


There is no guide point on this so really hard to get a straight line and buyers also said it can wander. Other buyers said it was OK once you got used to it


If we can't easily find simple contact and warranty details, we get concerned. We couldn't for this brand, so what happens if you need a new battery, charger etc???

Value for Money

This is a major plus point for this package with an affordable price and you have all the bits needed to get started.

Our Verdict on the Dewinner Jigsaw

84% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

We wouldn't buy this jigsaw, simply because we don't know the brand and we can't find out any information on them, contact numbers, warranty information or find spare parts.

We also understand that some people will still be willing to take a chance on this particular model, and especially at the low price when compared to other brands.

In terms of features, it compares well with other models as it has variable speed, orbital actions and pendulum actions. It also has all the basic features and buyers do think this model is very good value for money.

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