Draper Expert 03293 Cordless Jigsaw UK Review 

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The one thing you know about Draper tools is that they are always going to be highly competitive wen it comes to price. They really do strive to make those expensive power tools you need around the home, affordable for most people.

They have achieved that with this Draper Expert 03293 18-Volt Cordless model. the fact that lots of people have bought this is always a good sign. The fact that every buyer has left a 5 star review is simply amazing.

If you can find better value for £70 which includes the battery, then let me know. This is I think one of the best deals on the market right now.

There have been plenty of buyers for this jigsaw. For people on a tight budget and 5 star ratings, this Draper jigsaw should make you stand up and take notice. I was surprised when I read the reviews. Buyers clearly love this tool 

The Draper Brand

Draper Tools was founded in 1919 by Bert Draper. At that time they sold government surplus and tools in markets around the Kingston Upon Thames area. This is where the original warehouse, from which the Draper Tool Company Limited as we know it today was born, although at this time it was known as B. Draper & Son Limited

Norman Draper took control of the company in 1963 when his father passed away. He purchased the freehold rights to the current premises in Chandler's Ford and developed the "Draper" as we know it today.

Norman passed away in 1994 and the Company is now run by his son, John. Draper Tools continues to thrive on a mixture of inward investment, active support for the independent stockist, striving for operational efficiency and all underpinned by the golden rule since 1919 - Guaranteed Quality. The current premises in Chandler's Ford have been added to considerably since its purchase and has now reached a size of 535,000 square feet. It is now probably the largest stock of tools in one place in the UK.

Key Specifications of the Draper Expert 03293

  • Has a tilting soleplate to allow you to make bevel cuts
  • Comes with a case, 3 blades and the battery pack and charger ( 1 hour to charge)
  • Has a dust blowing function to keep the work area clean and dust free
  • Uses bayonet-fixing jigsaw blades and a tool free blade change
  • Has a very useful LED worklight
  • Up to 2200 strokes per minute ensures super fast cutting

The Things Buyers Like

Value for Money - This was a very clear deciding factor for many people. Much as they may have liked a top of the range Dewalt, they are expensive. This Draper model, made for the trade, does an excellent job, and for £70 is really hard to beat.

Bevel Adjustments - the sole plate is easy to adjust as and when you need an angled cut.

Dust Blower - This can be adjusted to blow any sawdust away from the work area.

Keyless Blade Change - super simple to change the blades with this one. It uses the universal type so plenty of choices available for buying blades when you need them

This is a good quality and affordable cordless jigsaw.

To date there are no negative comments about this Draper Expert cordless jigsaw.

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