DWS 780 Mitre Saw UK Review 

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If you can afford this one, then you will certainly own one of the best mitre saws currently available. In our Dewalt DWS780 review, we will show you why that is the case. By any standards, this is a world leader, and can take on just about any cutting job, you may ever wish to do. This is a 12" sliding compound chop saw, ideal for those bigger cutting tasks.

There is however, no shying away from the hefty £600+ price tag. That will clearly put most buyers off. Unless you need a saw that can cut through wood sizes of 110 x 303 mm, then there are more affordable Dewalt options. You can read about the full range of Dewalt saws by clicking here.

Who Would Buy the Dewalt DWS780?

I doubt that many home owners will ever need a saw with this many features, or with this size of a cutting capacity. If money is not a problem for you, or you are someone who simply likes to own the best tools, then of course this would be a great option for you.

Those who are carpenters, cabinet makers, kitchen makers or any serious woodworker, will know the benefits of owning a feature rich mitre saw like this one. Buyers said that it easily cut through 18 mm construction plywood, 150 mm joists and 45 mm hardwood and even 8 x 4 railway sleepers.

dewalt dws780 12

Landscapers will be able to make a lot of use from this saw. Anyone who has to cut 3,4, 6 and 8 x 2 deck joists, various fence posts and sleepers will love this one. Also, anyone planning on building a deck of fencing will like this DWS780 model. Many buyers have used this one for cutting all sizes of floorboards.

Finally I think anyone working a house restoration project, would find this a great saw to have at their disposal.

Below I have listed the important features of the DWS780. Some people prefer to see the saw in action. Just underneath, I have included a video of this saw in action.

DWS 780 Video Product Review

This is a 13 minute video, where you get to see the product being used.

The Important Key Features

It is almost impossible to discuss all of the key features on this saw, without boring you to death. That is why I have picked out what I think are the most important ones, that you should know about.

Large Cutting Capacity

I don't think there is another saw that has as large a cutting capacity as this one. Let's talk width and then depth. As it is a compound sliding saw, this one can handle widths of just over 300 mm, or 12 inches in the old language. In terms of depth, it can cut as deep as 110 mm or 4.3" in the old money. That's impressive by any standards.

You can see why this would make light work of 4 x 2, 4 x 4 posts etc. To visualise the cutting capacity of this, think of a piece of wood 12" wide and 4" deep. The Dewalt DWS780 can easily make a cut through that.

Mitre and Bevel Cuts

dewalt dws780 bevel and mitre cuts

It can cut mitres of up to 50 degrees to the left, and 60 degrees to the right. It can also do bevel cuts, by undoing the lock. It does 22.5 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree bevels. The maximum bevel in both directions is 49 degrees.

Ease of Cutting

Almost every buyer stated that it cut through wood, like a knife going through butter. I have listed above the types of wood this saw can handle. It is an impressive list, and it handles these with considerable ease. This saw comes with a high quality 60 tooth blade.

Shadow Line Indicator

This is all about accuracy. again buyers stated that this was very accurate. As most users will know, when it comes to cutting bevel or mitre joints, accuracy really is everything. On this saw you get fast accurate alignment of the blade by illuminating the work piece.


It comes with five speeds. Those are changed by turning a rotary switch. You would use the highest speed (5) for cutting the softer woods. For harder woods, the speed should be adjusted downwards.

Rotary Locking

The saw locks in at set increments. This is achieved by moving the lever up, turning the table and when it drops into the required preset, then raise the handle to lock it into position. That is a very useful feature, if you have to do cuts of a repetitive nature.

Overall Design

In my opinion the DWS780 looks amazing! This is one beast of a saw, and Dewalt have clearly built this one to last. Given its power, and large cutting capacity it weighs in at around 25 Kg (55 lbs or just under 4 stones) That keeps it in the portable range. As a result, that makes it ideal for moving from job to job.

It is also worth noting, that there is a position on the handle, where you can attach a padlock. When that is done, then it is impossible to use the saw, until that is opened and removed.

Dust Extraction

With sawing you will get dust. If you are setting this up in a workshop or garage, then you should hook this up to a vacuum system. If the saw is being used outside, then the dust will not be a big concern. Otherwise this saw, blows dust away from the work area, and keeps your cutting line clean, and easy to see.

Using with a Saw Stand

Any detailed review that I have read, highly recommends using the DWS780 with a saw stand. It simply means that your saw will be a lot easier to use, especially if working with larger pieces of wood. the one they recommend is the Dewalt DE2023 leg stand.

Our DWS780 Summary Review

It is a pretty amazing mitre saw, packed with features. The key thing though is that this model has a huge cutting capacity. It manages to do that without having to compromise on the accuracy of the cut.

Landscapers and any serious woodworker would love to own this saw. I would love to own it myself. For many though, and for a DIY man like me, the price is hard to justify. If this was something I would use every day, then I would buy it.

It is a cracking saw, and spares are always available directly from Dewalt. If you consider any wood project, then having this at your disposal is most certainly, going to make your life a great deal easier.

If this is not the model for you, then you can check out our top 10 Dewalt mitre saws by clicking here, or if you prefer our top 10 list of all brands of mitre saw by clicking here.

We have also included some other Dewalt mitre saw reviews just below.

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