Einhell Dual Drag Crosscut and Mitre Saw TC_SM 2131/1 Review 

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Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the extremely popular Einhell Dual Drag Crosscut and Mitre Saw with the model number TC_SM 2131/1. This is a very big seller online and that is down to a few important things.

  • As long as you can find this online for less than £140 then you are getting excellent value for money
  • It is made by the excellent Einhell brand based in Germany
  • Buyers say this is amazing value for money, has all the right features and is easy to use

Short Summary Review

90% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ online buyer reviews

Suitable for cutting wood, plastic and laminated panels

240 Volts using 1,800 watts of power and an idle speed of 4,900 RPM

Uses a 210mm blade (Carbide tipped)

Cutting width of 310mm at 90 degrees and 210mm at 45 degrees

Bevels left and right at 45 degrees

Great choice for beginners for cutting a lot of wood such as for decks, fences etc

Who Buys a Saw like this Einhell Dual Drag?

Sliding mitre saws are expensive and anyone considering buying one does need to give it considerable thought.

Mitre saws were originally designed to make mitre cuts. These are angle cuts made to joint items such as picture frames, tables, frames etc. A mitre joints is an angle joint that looks really neat.

However, mitre saws can also do straight 90 degree cuts and as such perform just as good as a standard circular saw. So if you buy a mitre saw, you can do both straight cuts and angle cuts. You also have the benefit of being able to make bevel cuts.

We have read lots of reviews from online buyers and the people buying this particular saw do so if they have to take on a project that involves cutting a lot of wood. This includes projects such as making fences and gates, laying floors (wooden and laminate), decks and patios etc.

This Einhell model is very good quality and is one of the cheaper models available. That is what makes this one so popular with many buyers.

Einhell Dual Drag Comparison

Just below we have compared the Einhell Dual Drag to the other best selling mitre saws in the UK. Hopefully this helps explain the key differences. Please note average prices are a snapshot in time and can change frequently. Always check any prices at the time of purchase for more accurate information.

Einhell Dual Drag

Average price £140

210mm slide

Cutting Capacity 310mm

Has a laser

3 year warranty when registered

10,000+ online reviews

90% buyer satisfaction

Dewalt DWS 774

Average price £219

216 mm slide

Cutting Capacity 250mm

Has a laser

3 year warranty when registered

200+ online reviews

92% buyer satisfaction


Average price £275

216 mm slide

Cutting Capacity 312mm

Has a laser

2 year warranty when registered

300+ online reviews

96% buyer satisfaction

We understand this is not a like for like comparison. However, the point we are trying to make is that you may lose out on a few features with the Einhell, but the price difference is massive, a strong warranty and the customer satisfaction still remains strong. That explains why it is such a big seller.

Pros & Cons of the Einhell Drag


  • The main advantage of this saw is that it does represent great value for money, and yet maintains good levels of satisfaction
  • It is ideal for anyone doing repetitive cuts of wood such as floorboards or fencing
  • You can cut double bevels with this saw
  • Pretty easy to set up and get going
  • Has a nice solid warranty and from a good brand


  • Like most mitre saws this can initially seem heavy and bulky
  • Probably not one for the professionals who need very high levels of accuracy
  • Not good at dust collection

Short Summary Review

90% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ online buyer reviews

Suitable for cutting wood, plastic and laminated panels

240 Volts using 1,800 watts of power and an idle speed of 4,900 RPM

Uses a 210mm blade (Carbide tipped)

Cutting width of 310mm at 90 degrees and 210mm at 45 degrees

Bevels left and right at 45 degrees

Great choice for beginners for cutting a lot of wood such as for decks, fences etc

The Key Features Explained

Just below we will explain the key features of the Einhell TC-SM 2131/1.

Cutting Capacity

It is important to understand this before buying. If the saw is straight (90 degrees) you can cut widths of up to 310 mm. Once you change the angle of the blade the cutting width does get smaller. Just be aware of that as it can be important depending on what you are cutting. For example at a 45 degree angle the cutting width is reduced to 210 mm.

Many buyers get a saw that is too small. Make sure what sizes you are cutting before buying.

Laser Guidance

You don't need a laser line to make a cut but it helps. Most people will mark their wood with a pencil and draw a line and you should still do that. Some people also prefer the reassurance of a laser line to help them make a cut and this saw does offer that.

The big problem with laser lines is that they are not always 100% accurate. We would recommend using it as a guide only and concentrating on a drawn line is better.

Motor Size

You will hear engineers say that it is all about the motor and they are of course correct in saying that. The power of the motor will determine hos much stress the tool is under when working. The bigger the better is always the preference. A lot of mitre saws use a 2,000 watt motor and even larger for this purpose. The cheaper saws tend to use smaller 1,500 watt motors.

This Einhell one has a 1,800 watt motor which we think is just about right for home users. Most of us are going to be using this on a project for a while and then not using until the next one. In other words it is not getting constant use. If you plan on doing regular daily/weekly work then you should consider a better saw.

The All Important Blade

This saw is fitted with a 210mm blade that has 48 teeth. It is a good cutting blade that leaves a decent finish. You can use it to cut wood and plastic. If you are working on something like laminate flooring the finish is good. If you want a really smooth finish, then we would recommend getting a 210mm blade with more teeth.

Likewise the supplied blade is no good for cutting metal of any kind. You would need to buy a specialist blade for that type of work.

The Deck

This is where you set the wood that you want to cut. The deck is usually made of metal and should be level and flat. Check your saw when you open the packaging and if it isn't, then send it back is our advice. You can get some saws where this is not level and you will not be able to make straight cuts.

There is nothing that you can really do to fix this problem. A couple of people who had left reviews on this model of the Einhell saw did complain about this so is worth taking a closer look.

Clamps & Extensions

This is another grumble you will frequently hear about all types of electric saws including mitre saws. The clamp is usually just made too flimsy or a little short to properly grip the wood. The better quality mitre saws do use a ratchet style system to tighten and release the clamp. This TC_SM 2131/1 model has a short fixed clamp that needs to be manually turned and released. That's ok for a few cuts but becomes tedious if you have a lot of cutting to do.

The extensions allow the deck to be extended to hold longer pieces of material. There are a couple on this model and overall they do a good job. The important thing is to check they are aligned and if not, then make the required adjustments.

Dust Collection

As a general rule the dust collection on mitre saws is usually pretty awful. If you see a saw with a dust bag it is never going to work properly. The way we summarise this is simple. Wear a dust mask and live with the sawdust unless you are willing to hook up a shop style vacuum and seal the end.

You are cutting wood with a high speed blade and there will be lots of dust. We try where possible to work outside or in a garage or shed, wear a dust mask and use a vacuum to take away as much dust as possible.

The dust bag on this Einhell is no better or worse than any other brand.


We have quite deliberately left this feature to the last one. This is because it is the one that almost always generates the most complaints. People will have different opinions on the accuracy of a saw. Our opinion on this saw is it does need a little adjusting out of the box in terms of alignment.

That is easily done if you have something like a square and a screwdriver and socket set. All you are really checking is if the blade sits at 90 degrees to the deck. Most mitre saws might have been affected in transit so worth quickly checking this and adjusting if required. You will find plenty of videos on YouTube how to do this.

We found this model to be good enough, but a few buyers said they had to adjust so worth checking.

Our Opinion

90% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ online buyer reviews

We think this is a great choice for anyone who needs to make a series of repetitive cuts in wood, primarily using it for straight cuts, for projects like flooring, decking and fences

This is not a top of the range mitre saw as the price would suggest but it is good enough for the type of work explained above

There are mitre saws which are lighter, have more features and are more powerful, but the be prepared to pay £200+ for those features

This is a good working mitre saw that is easy to use. The dust bag is a waste of time and it could be more accurate. It's a question of balancing the price against what you need it for.

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