Einhell UK 4300295 Review

The brand Einhell make a few models of mitre saws. The 4300295 mitre saw is probably their best selling model. They are a German company that have a few outlets in the UK such as Homebase, ToolStation, Beatsons, Argos and Amazon. They are probably better know for making gardening equipment, but like many other brands, they do start to branch out into other related products.

Einhell UK 4300295 1600W Compound Mitre Saw with 5000rpm Cutting Speed

Their vision is to "produce quality products at affordable prices."

So this particular model is a compound mitre saw that costs around £70, so certainly that is a very good and affordable price point.

Those who have bought this model and taken the time to leave a rating, have given an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and that should tell you the quality is very good.

Now I have personally never used one of these saws. Therefore I can only summarise what others are saying here. I did use one of their chain saws about a year ago, and I was well impressed with that.

However, these are of course two different things. So I have heard of the brand, but have not used any of their mitre saws.

Summary of the Key Features of the 4300295 Model

  • Measures 48 x 32 x 29 inches and weighs 7 Kg
  • Uses a 1600 watt motor and RPM of 5,000
  • Cutting Size: 3 x 4"
  • Bore is 30 mm and Blades is 210 mm
  • Maximum Bevel Cutting: Left 120x55mm, Right 80x32mm
  • Work piece support with clamping device for secure cutting of longer wood pieces
  • Comes with a dust bag and 1 blade

Main Review of the 4300295 Model

According to those buyers who have bought and used this one, they appear overall to be well impressed. The product itself is made of metal and is well engineered and designed.

The type of people who have bought this one are those who enjoy a bit of DIY or are working on their home.

There were a couple of bad reviews and they simply said they thought this looked cheap and were not impressed. The vast majority said completely the opposite.

What Buyers Liked About The 4300295 Model

​We have put together a short list of what people liked about this particular model:

  • ​Many buyers said that this was a good saw for basic joinery tasks
  • They liked the metal base as it felt solid to work on
  • It is lighter than many on the market which is good to know if you need this to be portable
  • The wood clamp they provide acts like a third hand
  • Can quickly cut through both soft and harder woods

What Buyers Didn't Like About The 4300295 Model

​To keep things balanced though, we have also put together a short list of what people did not like about this particular model:

  • ​It does need to be set up out of the box (To be fair most of them do)
  • There were three negative one star reviews and one said the product had broken, the second said if looked cheaply built compared to others, and the third said it was a plastic toy

My Conclusion

​When buying any product, including a saw, it is always worthwhile reading the reviews. Some of them my be harsh, some may over state how good something is, but generally you get a good balance. Although I personally have never used this product, I have seen it and tried it out, in terms of an overall check. You can't really cut a piece of wood with it in the middle of a DIY store.

​My impression is that it is well made, so I would dispute the plastic toy remark.When I compare this one to other models around the £70 price point, I think it stands up very well. Sure you can pay £200, and get a much better one, but at the current price point, I think this Einhell model is actually a pretty good buy.

​If you just want to do some rough cutting, or some basic joinery tasks, then this will do your job nicely. It can handle wood sizes of up to 3 x 2" so that is most of the common sizes covered.

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