Evolution Electric Disc Cutter Saw Review 

By  The Saw Guy

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Evolution Concrete Electric Disc Cutter. If you need a heavy duty saw to get through any type of concrete, then this could be a very good option for you.

This saw runs off electric so this is not run from a small petrol or gas engine. It can cut concrete, stone, brick, paving and reinforced concrete so a tough tool for sure.

It has a cutting depth of 4" (100 mm) as long as you do it in incremental values.

It uses a diamond blade to do the cutting. Overall this saw is covered by a 3 year warranty. You can buy this as either a 110 volt version for working on building sites, and is also available for normal voltage use of 230-240 volts.

It is worth noting that electric concrete saws are about half the price of petrol saws. Evolution are also a popular choice for many UK buyers, and are well known for other types of saws.

The electric motor does mean that no harmful fumes are emitted. You should consider that if it is being used for work in enclosed areas.

Evolution Concrete Electric Disc Cutter

How Much Does the Evolution Concrete Disc Cutter Cost?

The RRP for this concrete saw is £259.99. The good news is that you can almost always find this online a great deal cheaper than that. It is always worth shopping around and keeping an eye out for discount.

How Online Buyers Rate the Evolution Concrete Disc Cutter

  • This concrete cutting saw gets an average buyer satisfaction rating of 94%
  • 81% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • 4% of all buyers gave this a bad review

What Buyers Say About the Evolution Concrete Disc Cutter

Pros & Cons

Below we have included a pros and cons table for this Evolution concrete saw.


  • Buyers stated that it is really good at cutting paving slabs and bricks 
  • Buyers said that it was very quiet when compared to a petrol saw
  • Buyers said it was very good at doing small and accurate cuts
  • Buyers liked the guard system as it offered great protection when using the saw


  • A number of buyers said that there was no blade in the box when it arrived. 
  • A couple of buyers said it blew up after a few uses


The majority of buyers appeared very happy with their purchase. The complaints came from those who had used this for regular work and on heavy work loads.

Evolution Power Tools Concrete Electric Disc Cutter

Evolution Electric Concrete Disc Cutter Specification

Below we have included a full specification of this concrete saw:

  • Can be bought as either 110 volts of 240 volt options as a corded product - a simple 3 pin UK plug into the main's electricity
  • 2,400 watt motor
  • Measures 62 x 43 x 30 cm
  • Weighs 9.5 Kg
  • Comes with a diamond blade (DM305 - 305 mm blade diameter and 22.2 mm bore diameter.)
  • Has an ergonomic soft-grip
  • It has both front and rear support handles to help do accurate cuts either horizontally or vertical
  • The safety guard is also fully adjustable
  • The cutting depth is 100 mm (4 Inch)
  • Has a spindle lock mechanism which helps with fast blade replacement
  •  is quick and simple. It's the ideal alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters
  • Please note: 230 V products are solely for domestic use only
  • Only 110 V products should be operated on site and require a transformer to operate.
  • The saw comes with a blade, a spanner and an instruction manual
  • Has a 3 year warranty
evolution electric concrete saw

Video Review of the Evolution Concrete Saw

Our Verdict on the Evolution Power Tools Concrete Electric Disc Cutter

We understand that on job sites this type of saw is used frequently, and the vast majority of these would be heavier duty petrol saws.

This is not one of these, though it can be used as a site saw with the 110 volt option. We don't think this works as a few buyers say that it isn't really suited for continued heavier work.

We believe that this is better for domestic use and ideal for when you have to cut any type of concrete around the home or garden.

The fact that this is an electric option does mean that there are no fumes to worry about and no problems trying to get it to start up. Buyers also said this was great for indoor use.

It is well made, and buyers liked the slow start mechanism as some disc cutters start with quite a kick. It is a well balanced saw, easy to control and cuts really well.

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