Best Evolution Mitre Saws UK Reviews 2022

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on Evolution mitre saws. This brand is now known as Evolution Power tools. Their mitre saws are very popular with for those of us who enjoy our DIY projects or making home improvements.

Many people in the trade are also starting to purchase their Evolution professional mitre saws. (Orange colour)

The main reason for this popularity is their price point which makes the Evolution brand highly affordable for almost anyone.

The Evolution brand truly are at the right sort of price for most budgets in the UK. They bring the whole range of mitre saws into the affordable price bracket. They range in price from around £70-£100 for the basic models and up to around £300 for their top of the range models.

When compared to other brands such as Dewalt then you can see that they compare very well in the pricing and affordability of their products.

They used to offer two distinct lines which they branded as the RAGE(Orange colour) and the FURY (green colour). That has disappeared and now they are marketed as Evolution Power Tools, though you may still see RAGE and FURY in the product names.

Buying Tips for Evolution Mitre Saws

Before you spend any of your hard earned cash, we want to offer you some very important buying tips to ensure you avoid any costly mistakes. It is important to know exactly what you are buying before parting with your money.

Two Types of Evolution Mitre Saws

There are two distinct types of mitre saw:

  1. Compound Mitre Saw - This is a basic mitre saw that will allow you do straight, mitre and bevel cuts. These are limited to the width of the wood they can cut. The average price for these is £70-£100
  2. Sliding Compound Mitre Saw - This is a sliding mitre saw that will allow you do straight, mitre, bevel cuts and compound cuts. This sliding saw allows you to cut larger widths such as high skirting board and floor boards. The average price for these is £120-£250

We have shown these different widths below, and it can make a huge difference, depending on what you are trying to cut. Most people use these for doing skirting boards so the cutting width is very important.

Cutting Capability

Compound Mitre Saw

Straight Cut 125mm x 55mm

Mitre Cut 85mm x 55mm

Bevel Cut 125mm x 35mm

Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

Straight Cut 300mm x 80mm

Mitre Cut 210mm x 80mm

Bevel Cut 300mm x 45mm

Compound Cut 210mm x 45mm

A compound cut is a combination of a mitre and bevel cut.

This should be your main decision. For cutting trim, making frames, small skirting boards etc a compound mitre saw is what you need. For anything wider, you will have to pay a bit more and get a sliding mitre saw.

Comparison of Evolution Mitre Saws

Evolution currently have 17 different models of mitre saw. However three models have been discontinued so no longer available though you can still get blades and parts for them. You may be able to pick those models up as refurbished items. There are also quite a few that are unavailable or out of stock mainly due to issues with Covid.

  • R210SMS+
  • R210SMS-300+
  • R255SMS-DB+
  • F210 SMS
  • R210CMS
  • R185SMS+
  • F255SMS
  • RAGE3-S300
  • F210SMS
  • RAGE3-DB (Discontinued)
  • R255SMS
  • R210SMS
  • R1855SMS
  • R255SMS-DB
  • RAGE3-S (Discontinued)
  • RAGE3-255mm (Discontinued)

Evolution Power Tools R210CMS Compound Mitre Saw 

94% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

This is the Evolution Power Tools best selling mitre saw

It is part of their RAGE range and allows you to cut steel, aluminium and wood (even wood with nails), using just one blade

It uses a a 210 mm blade diameter with a 25.4 mm bore diameter and the blade is multi-material and has 24 teeth

It can cut 0-45 Degree bevel and 45-45 Degree mitre settings, 125 x 55 maximum cross cut capacity

It comes with a top hold down clamp, a 6 mm blade change Allen key and a dust bag

This model has a 1,200 watt motor

The saw weighs 5.7Kg so easy enough to move around.

There is also a 110V version of this

Evolution Power Tools Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+

96% buyer satisfaction based on 900+ online buyer reviews

This model measures 73 x 70.5 x 36 cm and weighs 15.3 Kg

The saw can cut a variety of materials such as mild steel, wood even with embedded nails, aluminium, plastic, copper and more thanks to the 28 tooth TCT blade

It has a large 300 x 80 mm cutting capacity ideal for cutting copper pipe, plastic pipe, aluminium channel, cable tray, armoured cable, scaffold boards, skirting board, architraves, MDF etc

This model comes with a R255-TCT multi-material blade (28 teeth) with a 255 mm blade diameter and 25.4 mm bore diameter.

It also has dual quick release clamps, a slide rail protector, a dust collection bag and a dust port adaptor for use with vacuum extraction

It also has integrated carry handles and a 3 metre power cable

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ Sliding Compound Saw

96% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

This is a 185 mm sliding saw with a 1200 watt motor

It measures 44.5 x 43.5 x 31.5 cm and weighs 10 Kg

It comes with a 20 tooth TCT blade with a 185mm diameter and a 20mm bore

It also comes with a multi-material blade a 3-pieces hold down clamp, a dust collection bag and a dust port adaptor

It can do straight cuts 45 degree bevel, and 50 degree mitre

Evolution Power Tools 053-0001A R255SMS-DB+ Double Bevel Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw with Plus Pack

94% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

This is one of the most expensive the Evolution Power Tools mitre saws

It is called a pack as along with the saw you get a blade for cutting wood (255mm), a Multi-Material blade (255mm), a top clamp, front clamp, and a dust bag

The motor is larger at 2,000 watts so more powerful and it has an optimised gearbox

This model also has laser guidance, a trench cut facility, 300 mm slide, 0˚ - 45˚ double bevel and 50° - 50° mitre settings, which covers all common cutting angles and a large 300 x 80mm straight cutting capacity

Is Evolution a Good Tool Brand?

Evolution have their headquarters based in the Holbrook Industrial Estate is Sheffield, England. They have around 250 products for sale on the UK marketplace. They are a UK based company. Those include chop saws, circular saws, concrete saws, jigsaws, mitre saws, reciprocating saws, and table saws. They have blades and accessories for all of these.

In addition to these they also have compactors, disc cutters, mixers, heat guns, sanders, generators, magnetic drills and vacuum systems.

When we were doing our research we found that overall their products rate really well when compared to the many competitors that are on the UK market.

With their DIY range, (Green colour) the Evolution brand aimed to fill a particular market for many home owners and people who enjoyed working on various home projects. They then extended their range for the trade with more powerful tools (orange colour)

We think they are a very good brand, who make a good range of tools at affordable prices. We also like the fact that they have a local UK customer service. (0114 251 1022)

What is the difference between Evolution Green and Orange?

When you look at the various models of mitre saw available from Evolution, you will notice that some are a distinct green colour and some are a distinct orange colour.

  • Green Colour - this is their DIY or home use products, and they are not as powerful, but are more affordable and suited for the vast majority of home projects. These are known as the "Fury range"
  • Orange Colour - these are designed for the trade and professionals. They are more powerful but more expensive and are known as the "Rage range."

Evolution Powertools Warranty

Evolution Powertools offer either a 2 years or a 3 years limited warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK) You can read their full warranty by clicking here.

In summary it covers parts and labour once you register your product online. The warranty does not apply to blades and accessories.

Difference between 230 Volts vs 110 Volt Mitre Saws

The 110 volt models buyers often confuse with being either European or American. That isn't actually the case though. In the UK, safety standards introduced the 110 volt power tools as a safer method of work.
These are always recommended in most construction sites now. 

You would not buy a 110 volt one for the house. If you were working in construction then this would be the best choice. These work off a step down transformer, which is usually available on site from a generator. Otherwise you will need to buy one of these to make your 110 volt mitre saw work.

Evolution used to do a few 100V options, but from what we have read, they appear to have only a couple left in that small range where they use an industrial plug.

Evolution Saw Blades

94% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews

Evolution also do a range of blades (19 for mitre/circular saw) and again these are popular with many buyers. They come in different sizes and also for use on different materials. 

Their best selling blade is the multi-purpose one as it can cut through just about anything. It will come down to the type of finish that you want at the end of the day. The good news is that you do have plenty of choices and we have named their most popular below.

  • Evolution Fury Multipurpose Blade 210 mm
  • Evolution Diamond Blade 255 mm
  • Evolution Rage Multipurpose TCT Blade 255 mm
  • Evolution Rage Multipurpose TCT Blade

Evolution Mitre Saw Stand

94% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews

Evolution also do their own stand which is suitable for any of their range of saws. The average cost for this is in and around £90-£100 depending on where you buy it.

This stand is also compatible with virtually all makes of mitre saw. It has convenient folding legs. That makes it easy to store or to take with you, wherever you need it.

It also has very useful extendable support arms. Those allow you to work with longer work pieces. To top it off there are also handy quick release brackets.

if Metabo is not the brand for you, then check out our top 5 mitre saws here or our mitre saw buying guide here.