Best Mitre Saw Stand UK Reviews 2022

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews of the best mitre saw stands, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. There are a good number of choices on the UK market. The prices range from around £80 and go all the way up to £300.

It really does depend what features each stand has, and in our opinion, how often you will actually use the stand as well. Most of them will fit a range of brands, but just be really careful when picking one, that it is suitable for the brand of mitre saw that you own.

Our Top Mitre Saw Stand Picks for UK Buyers

Evolution Power Tools Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand

This is the biggest seller online as it is affordable and is also compatible with virtually all makes of mitre saw such as Evolution, Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Ryobi and Einhell.

It is capable of supporting 3 metre long workpieces weighing up to 150 kg

It also has quick release brackets for fast fitting and removal, height adjustable arms with rollers and end-stops.

It also has folding legs for easy storage/transportation and extendable support arms for long workpieces

96% buyer satisfaction based on 1,700+ online buyer reviews

DeWalt ZDW-DE7023 Heavy Duty Mitre Saw Workstation

This is a heavy duty mitre saw stand that is compatible with all Dewalt mitre saws.

It has a lightweight aluminium construction and can support weights of up to 227 Kg.

It has a 1.9 metre base unit with two telescopic extensions that expand the working area up to 3.9 metres in length, which will support work pieces over 5m in length.

The leg stand has a unique bracket mounting system that takes all Dewalt and most competitive mitre saws.

It has release spring-loaded retractable legs, to create a secure working platform on the work site.

There is also a carry handle on the underside of the stand and a shoulder carry strap.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

Metabo 629005000 KSU251 Legstand for Mitre Saws

This is a popular choice for many UK buyers. It is a light but tough stand for mitre saws with trolley function and can be used with mounted saw.

It has lockable folding legs and adjustment option for safe positioning

It has an extendable work piece that  supports with rollers and a folding guide for precise cutting in series

It has a machine carrier that makes it suitable for all the conventional mitre saws of well-known manufacturers
Also comes with transportation wheels for easily moving it around the job site

96% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

DeWalt Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Leg Stand

Another option from the Dewalt brand that sells consistently well.

This stand has a 1.12 metre beam that extends to support up to 2.6 metres for use with large workpieces and the beam can support up to 227 kg providing maximum flexibility and capacity.

It has a carry handle that provides ease of transportation and the work stops can be converted into end stops for repetitive cutting to length.

It has easy to fold legs and weighs 14 Kg.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 300+ online buyer reviews

Bosch Professional GTA2600 Mitre Saw Leg Stand Universal Fit

This stand will fit all Bosch mitre saws and most other branded mitre saws

The tool mounts with safety lock for fast and safe assembly, and it is easy and fast to fold/unfold the legs with push of a button.

The stand supports 122 cm and extends to 263 cms

There are rubber end caps on legs for rough surfaces.

It has height adjustable legs for uneven floors up to 30mm and comes with work piece supports with height adjustment for long work pieces.

94% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

Bosch Professional GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand

This stand will fit all Bosch mitre saws and most other branded mitre saws

This saw stand has adjustable roller material supports with repetitive stops that allow you to move the workpiece left or right quickly and easily

It also has transport wheels that allow you to move from location to location without removing the mitre saw

It also has a carry handle with wrench storage

It has dual sliding rails that support material up to 16 feet

It has height adjustable legs for uneven floors up to 30mm and comes with work piece supports with height adjustment for long work pieces.

94% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

Excel Mitre Saw Stand Folding & Adjustable Legs with Wheels

This is a very good mitre saw stand with wheels for easy movement.

It is made from steel tubing and has locking steel legs which provide a weight capacity up to 150 kgs.

It can be used for mitre saws, other bench top saws and planers thanks to its quick release universal mounts.

It also has 2 adjustable 38 cm steel rollers that support your workpiece along the stand length smoothly and accurately. It also has flip down supports for lumber or material storage

The leveling feet are adjustable for uneven surfaces. This stand comes with two 8-inch rubber wheels and universal quick-release mounting brackets.

94% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

Bosch PTA 2400 Mitre Saw Stand

This is a big seller on the UK marketplace. It has a universal holder system which will fit all Bosch Mitre Saws and other leading brands as well.

The PTA 2400 is ideal for handling large work pieces when sawing with stationary mitre saws.

It is height adjustable and also has strong side extensions.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews

VonHaus Mitre Saw Stand - Universal Fit with Extending Support Arms & Quick Release Clamps

This is popular as it is one of the cheapest mitre saw stands that are currently available on the UK market.

This stand is made from heavy duty steel, and suitable for heavier workpieces.

It has extendable support arms (94-195cm) to suit longer workpieces and the stand is also height adjustable (81 – 92cm)

It has a universal fit so will fit all brands of mitre saw, including the lesser known brands. It also folds away for storage.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand

This stand is made from lightweight steel and has a neat compact design.

It has a universal fit so will suit all brands of mitre saw.

The work stops are adjustable, and the tool mounting brackets allow easy and secure mounting of mitre saw to stand

The legs do fold for easy storage.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

Makita DEAWST06 Mitre Saw Stand

This stand is suitable for all Makita mitre saws.

The table has a carrying handle, a pull handle and wheels for ease of transportation

The saw can be left connected during transport, mounted saw can slide and it has a tool less saw mount/remove.

 It has extendable arms (Long adjustable material supports), adjustable feet for uneven surfaces and arm with roller (one side)

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

Mitre Saw Stand UK Buying Guide

We always like to include a detailed buyer's guide for expensive products and tools. As such, we have provided below a list of the key features that all good quality mitre saw stands should have.

Quality of the Build

These will not be treated with kid gloves, so make sure that the stand you pick is built really well and able to take the abuse that it will go through. The reason we mention that is that it has to hold the weight of the mitre saw. On top of that it then has to be able to hold the weight of the material.

So any stand with potentially wobbly legs or a weak frame is going to be useless for any period of time. The best way to check that out is to have a look for the "maximum load." Typically it will be something like 100Kg.

Universal Fit

If you are buying a stand to match the brand of your saw, then it will fit. However, if you are buying a stand to fit a different brand just make sure that it has a universal fit. If it does, then it will be able to take almost any tool brand. Otherwise you will have the hassle of posting your stand back to get a different one.

Workpiece Size

Most mitre saw stands are fine for cutting longer and wider work pieces such as boards. However, the size of those boards is a very important consideration. All of these make use of extendable arms to hold material, but they will have different sizes.

Height Adjustment

This does not sound that important but it really is in our opinion. If you are only doing a few cuts, the height you are working at isn't that important. However if you are going to be using your saw for multiple cuts or for extended period of times, the last thing you need is to be hunched over.

With height adjustment on the legs, you can set a comfortable height for the saw and also protect your back. If each leg is adjustable, then great if you are trying to place the stand on uneven ground.


Having clamps that attach to your saw and then clamp on to the stand is simply a “must have” in our opinion. It really does make life so much easier, and by simply pushing two levers, the saw is attached and secure. Simply fantastic.

Extending Options

All stands should have extenders so as you can accommodate longer pieces of wood. These are almost always done by knobs which screw in and out to release and tighten the bars. Some have levers and to be honest we prefer these as they will last longer in our experience.

Folding for Storage

In our experience, this folding option should almost be mandatory for these. We are all pushed for room either in the workshop, garage or if we are transporting. Being able to fold these up and make them more compact is a very important feature to have.

They now have portable stands on wheels which are simply amazing though as yet, still pretty expensive. If you can afford that type though then go ahead and buy one as they are quite brilliant.


If your stand has rollers fitted, then these rollers do make it a lot easier to move larger pieces of stock around.