​​​​Help With Picking A Mitre Saw Stand

If you want to find the perfect stand for your mitre saw, then you really have a couple of choices. You can make your own or you can buy one. In all honesty, it was not that long ago that most people made their own. If you were good at wood working and knew what you were doing, that was great.

However, if you had no clue, then you either had to pay someone to do it for you, or simply do without. These days however you can buy these and that is ideal as they can really extend the number of uses that you can get from your saw.

Making Your Own Stand

The beauty of making your own is that you can decide what it will look like, and you can also tweak the design to suit your own needs. I built my own and it was just a really enjoyable thing to do. All of that is fine of course for a workshop or garage, but in terms of portability, it was not that easy to carry around.

That was why I was glad that the manufacturers came up with stands just perfect for the entire mitre saw range.

Video Guide to Buying A Mitre Saw Stand

You can of course buy one. That is what most people will do as they either don’t have the time to make one or just don’t know how to make one. Many people who use mitre saw stands also want it to be light and portable, so making one from wood would be just too heavy unless you have a fixed location.

Here is an excellent video that explains exactly what to look for when buying a stand.

The Main Features


Having clamps that attach to your saw and then clamp on to the stand is simply a “must have” in our opinion. It really does make life so much easier, and by simply pushing two levers, the saw is attached and secure. Simply fantastic.

Extending Options

All stands should have extenders so as you can accommodate longer pieces of wood. These are almost always done by knobs which screw in and out to release and tighten the bars. Some have levers and to be honest I prefer these as they will last longer in my opinion.

Folding for Storage

In my opinion this should almost be mandatory for these. We are all pushed for room either in the workshop, garage or if we are transporting. Being able to fold these up and make them more compact is a very important feature to have. They now have portable stands on wheels which are simply amazing though as yet, still pretty expensive. If you can afford that type though then go ahead and buy one as they are quite brilliant.


If your stand has rollers fitted then these make it a lot easier to move larger pieces of stock around.

The Evolution Mitre Saw Stand Reviewed

There are quite a few brands of stands available but this one from Evolution is my own preference. Typically you will pay around £50 for a stand, and this was priced initially at £65, but has now dropped to just below £50. Personally I think that it is worth every penny.

The reason for this is that this one will accommodate almost any brand of saw so you are not restricted and tied down to a brand. It has folding legs which does make it really easy to store away. I also love the quick release brackets as it simply speeds up any of my work projects.

Evolution Mitre Saw Stand with Extensions

Then it also has the extendable arms which means I can work on long pieces of wood. You really can not ask any more from a stand than what this one offers. It has end stops and is really sturdy and very well made.

I am not always a person who likes to highly recommend a product and as you know I am a huge DEWALT fan, but hands down this is a great product. I get plenty of use out of it and it is like having an extra pair of hands.

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The Bosch PTA2400 Mitre Saw Stand

Bosch PTA 2400 Mitre Saw StandThis one from Bosch is another popular choice for UK buyers. You can get this one and it will set you back around £100 so not the cheapest of options. You are however buying a good brand and this is a high quality product.

It has a universal holder so will work with any brand of mitre saw and you can adjust the feet to make sure it stays level. There are two side extensions as you can see from the image and these are strong and will be able to support the longer lengths of timber.

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