Best Clamps for a Mitre Saw UK Reviews 2022 

By  The Saw Guy

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best clamps for using with a mitre saw. If you are going to be using a mitre saw for cutting then you would be well advised to clamp the wood down.

Many mitre saws come with a clamp built right into them, and if it does, then please make sure that you make use of it. This stops any wood from flying around and also helps to prevent the blade on your saw from sticking or jarring.

There are plenty of accessories available when it comes to a mitre saw, and many of them are designed to either clamp or support wood of different sizes. These range from accessory packs, universal clamps and clamping mitre boxes.

Just below we have included a few of our favourites so as you can see what is available on the UK market.

Mitre Saw Stands with Clamps

The best seller and has a 94% buyer satisfaction rating from 2,000+ online buyer reviews.

If you own a mitre saw, then by having a stand you add a lot more cutting options for your saw

The Evolution model shown on the left is compatible with virtually all makes of mitre saw such as Evolution, Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Ryobi and Einhell

It also has quick release brackets for fast fitting and removal

It has height adjustable arms with rollers and end-stops

Also has folding legs for easy storage/transportation and extendable support arms for long workpieces

It can support 3 metre long workpieces up to 150 kg

Evolution Mitre Saw Accessory Pack

86% buyer satisfaction rating from 200+ online buyer reviews.

If you own a mitre saw, then you can buy accessory packs

This one includes:

A front clamp for additional accuracy and securing the piece

A quick release top clamp for faster adjustments

A dust bag for a cleaner working environment

A dust port adapter for attaching a vacuum hose

Set of Universal Clamps Clips

84% buyer satisfaction rating from 100+ online buyer reviews.

These are classed as universal clamps

They will fit most other branded mitre saw stands with a round tubular mounting frame.

They have a quick release system to remove them from the stand

They are sold in a pack of 2

Clamps are also really useful if you want to hold a number of pieces of wood or timber together so as you can cut them all at once. I have done that many times as it makes sure they are all exactly the same length. It also saves you a great deal of time.

I would use this when cutting wood for fences and even for floors.

This would be one of the main uses for woodworking. Often when joints are made, the glue needs time to dry. Clamping the pieces together leave you free to get on with other work. It also makes sure that the wood is held very firmly together and this just makes a much tighter and better joint.

In the ideal world, buy a good quality mitre saw as that will have one included and in the right place. All you have to do then is place it on the wood, and simply tighten it up. Even when you have that, it is always a good idea to have some wood clamps in your tool kit.

They do not cost a fortune and they really do free up your hands to concentrate on what you are doing.

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