Kreg Rip-Cut Review UK 

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This is our review of the Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut. This is a fantastic gadget that will attach to most circular saws, and make ripping plywood, and MDF panels super easy. There is no longer any need for endless marking and chalk lines. That will certainly save you a lot of time, and as we know, time is money.

KREG rip cut review

How Do Buyers Rate This Kreg  Rip Cut?

Kreg  Rip Cut Key Features

Straight Cuts

This Kreg Rip-Cut turns your circular saw into a precision edge-guided cutting tool that makes straight, accurate, repeatable cuts in plywood, MDF, and other large sheets.

Rip Cuts

This is a huge time saver as it lets you make accurate, repeatable cuts without measuring, marking, or having to keep the saw on the cut line. This tool has a long edge guide that follows the straight edge of the sheet you are cutting. Just lock the saw in at the measurement you want, using the measuring scale and then make your cut.

Easy Setup

To get started you mount your saw to the universal sled (Can be used with most left-blade or right-blade saws). Once the saw is attached then slide the sled onto the aluminum rail. This is where you make your one-time calibration, and lock in your cut width using the measuring scale and precision cursor

Buyer Satisfaction
  • The average buyer satisfaction rate for this rip cut is 90%
  • 70% of all buyers have given this a full 5 star rating
  • Around 3% of all buyers have given this a poor review

At the time of updating this review, we have found over 2,500+ online buyer reviews. That demonstrates just how well this product is selling. It is priced at around £45.  and it also has this high 90% buyer satisfaction rating.

We read all the buyer reviews, and below we have summarised those. That should save you the trouble of having to read them all by your self

What Buyers Said About the Kreg Rip-Cut

The simplest way to summarise the buyer comments, remarks and opinions is to put them in a pros and cons table. We have shown that below:

  • Simple set up and works just fine
  • Measure once and then cut away to your heart's content
  • Accurate once you set it up properly
  • Saves a lot of time if you have a lot of wood to cut such as floorboards or decking
  • Some buyers thought the quality was low
  • Too much plastic in the construction of this rip cut

Video Review of the Kreg Rip-Cut

If you have never used one of these before, then we strongly suggest that you check out the video below. There you will find out how to use this, and how useful a tool this can be to have in your possession.

Summary & Verdict on the Kreg Rip Cut

This is in our opinion a useful device if you do two things. The first is to take a little time and set it up properly at the start. It should fit most saws. So as you know, this model can make rip cuts and crosscuts up to 24" wide.
Like all these devices, they simply allow you to cut multiple pieces to the same size, with just one setup

The majority of buyers thought that this was a very useful tool to own. For us, it is a little bit limited in cutting width, but for what it can help you cut, it does a very good job. We also think it is a bit expensive, and don't see the full £45 value to be honest. Still that's what it costs and if you plan on cutting a lot of timber, it is still worthwhile getting the wallet out.

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