Our UK Review of the Makita MLS100 240 V 255 mm Electric Saw

The Makita MLS100 255 mm electric saw comes with an average price tag of around £145-150, depending on where you make your actual purchase. Overall buyers rate this one with an extremely high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. That is an impressive rating, and will explain why this particular saw sells so very well.

Just below we have conducted a full review, on this very popular mitre saw from the higher end Makita brand.

makita range of mitre saws

The Classic Makita MLS100

What Buyers Say About the ​Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw

We have summarised below what buyers actually said about this particular model. These are very useful as people have bought the MLS100 model, used it, and then taken the time to rate and review their thoughts.

They then allocate a rating based on stars, with 5 stars being the highest, and 1 star being the lowest. Here is how they are split for this particular mitre saw.

87 %
9 %
3 %
0 %
1 %

You can quickly see from this, that the number of poor ratings is extremely low. 87% of people gave this one the full 5 star rating, and 96% rated it 4 stars or higher. Those are all very good signs. If you decide to buy this one, then according to buyers, the majority are extremely pleased with their purchase.

With the low ratings at only 1%, we took a look to find out what that was for. There was really only one buyer, who stated that the tool he had bought online, was not an original. He sent that back and got a replacement.

Just to help keep everything in perspective though, out of 100 buyer reviews that we read, there was only 1 poor rating. That one wasn't actually about the quality of the saw. It is pretty clear to see, the huge majority of buyers were very well pleased.

Now that we know what the buyers think, let's look at this MLS100 saw in a lot more detail.

Makita MLS100 Specification & Features

Below we have listed the key features, and also explained what those features can be used for.

Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw Review
  • This mitre saw has a 1,500 watt motor which is very powerful
  • It has a 10" diameter blade, which is the most popular size (255 mm)
  • The no load speed of the blade is 4,200 rpm
  • It weighs 15 Kg so portable
  • It measures 61 x 48.5 x 51.5 cm
  • This saw can do cross, mitre, compound and bevel cuts
  • Along with the saw you get a blade, dust bag, triangular rule, spanner and a dust bag

Video Review of the Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw

Below you can watch a short 2.5 minute video of this compact mitre saw in action.

What Makes This Makita MLS100 Model So Useful

The vast majority of people who buy this style of mitre saw, will do so mainly to do chop cuts. This type of saw simply speeds up the entire cutting process. Even something as simple as a straightforward cross cut, is completed in seconds.

This Makita model does that really well. All the buyers said the saw was powerful, and that it was also very accurate. Those are of course the two most important features on any type of saw.

It can also do the full range of cuts, including mitre, bevel and compound. The people who bought this MLS100 used it for woodworking, cutting stainless steel rods, and a whole range of jobs around the home and garden.

What Buyers Said About the Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw

We know that overall buyers liked this saw and gave it an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. We also know that the number of buyer complaints was extremely low. Those are all good signs that this is a pretty useful, and high quality saw.

Below I have summarised what buyers actually said about the saw.​

makita mls100 in action

As mentioned earlier, buyers used this for a range of home DIY jobs. These included fitting skirting boards, wooden floors, decking, stair rails, making sheds and making shelves. All of the buyers commented on the power of the saw, and more importantly, on just how accurate the cuts actually were.

It is certainly worth noting there were very few bad comments about the Makita saw.


"Marvelous piece of kit, I should have bought one years ago. Solid construction excellent finish. Thank you"

The Makita brand are certainly known for their quality. Yes typically they are more expensive than other brands, but at the end of the day, you get what you are willing to pay for. Buyers also said that the instructions were easy to follow, and that the saw was very easy to use.

A lot of buyers also said that this went through wood, like a knife through butter. If this is not the saw for you, then you can check out the top 10 Makita mitre saws by clicking here. Alternatively, you can check out the top 10 list of all mitre saws by clicking here.

With reference to this model though, we clearly have no hesitation in recommending this MLS100 model to you.

Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw


Value for Money




Cutting Capacity


Range of Features


Customer Support


What Buyers Liked

  • Versatile
  • Plenty of power
  • Very accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Can do all the cuts


  • A tad expensive
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