Metabo KGS216PL Double Bevel Saw Review

At around £440 the Metabo KGS216PL is one of the most expensive mitre saws in the UK market at the moment. There are not too many of us who could afford a saw of this quality. This one belongs firmly in the realm of both professionals and contractors. There is no doubting the quality of this model, but the price point is VERY high.

This model will set you back around £450 depending on where you make your purchase. It is however a 5 star product in just about anyway that you can imagine. Metabo do make very high quality products that often come with a large price tag.

Below we have done a full review. However if you don’t have time to read all of this, you can click on this link to see the best prices and any available discounts over at Amazon.

General Description of the KGS216PL

This one is the new standard 110 volt saw and it is a double bevel sliding mitre saw. The 1,600 watt motor on this saw is very powerful and has a soft start, which I think is very important. I had the pleasure of using this one when out on a job. So although this is not my own personal choice of a saw, I did get my hands on it for a day, and it works really well.

When I was using it, one key thing jumped out at me. It has variable speed, and when under a load, the speed does remain very constant. Out of all the things that I demand from a saw, this is probably the most important of them all. There is no jarring and you get a nice smooth cut.

Specification of the KGS216PL

For those of you who like to know the technical specification here it is:

  • Size – 52.3 x 56.7 x 81.7 cm
  • Weight – 29.5 Kg
  • Motor – 1,600 watts
  • Blade Size – 216 mm x 30 mm Bore 60 TCT Tooth
  • No Load Speed – 3,800-4,800 revolution per minute (RPM)
  • Mitre – 47 to 60 degrees

Cutting Capacity

90 by 90 degrees – 305 x 90 mm

90 by 45 degrees – 305 x 54 mm

45 by 90 degrees – 214 x 90 mm

45 by 45 degrees – 214 x 54 mm

What Do You Get

  • The saw of course
  • 1 carbide blade
  • 2 extensions
  • 1 high guide profile
  • 1 work piece clamp
  • 1 chip extraction laser

What Buyers Liked About the KGS216PL

Generally anyone who could afford to buy this one really liked it a lot. The price point does put many people off but for those who could afford this one, they did love it a lot. In particular they liked:

  • The powerful motor and the easy start feature
  • Will cut through anything
  • The sliding function allowed them to cut larger pieces of wood with some ease
  • The supplied blade is of outstanding quality

My Opinion

I only used this one for a day so I am no definitive expert on this saw. This one is however a good buy for the semi-professional or the keen woodworker. It has been very well designed and is a very well constructed saw.

It is ideal for laminate flooring work, cutting 2 x 3″, working with floor boards and even for doing decking. The laser guide works very well, and there is a strong and effective LED light. The dust extraction method uses a dual port for maximum dust removal.

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Metabo also have a very simple blade changing system which I think is probably the best on the market right now. My only negative about this saw is the current price.