​​​​Metabo Range of Mitre Saws Reviewed

Metabo do an interesting range of mitre saws. Over the years I have bought any number of power tools that I have used in my business. As you may know from reading my website, I am a big Dewalt fan, but I do always check out and use some other brands, that may offer better prices.

Brands like Evolution sit at the lower end of the price scale and Dewalt at the higher end, and Metabo sit somewhere in the middle to the higher end. I am not a user of this brand myself but one of my business partners Geoff is a huge fan. Rather than me try to offer any opinions I asked him for his thoughts and this is what you will find below.

The Metabo Brand

We thought we would include just a little about the actual brand. Their motto is “The Craftsman’s brand worldwide.” From that you can deduct that they have designed their tools for that market. Their tag line is “Power tools built by professionals for professionals.” They are  German brand who aim for excellence.

You can tell from this that their products are not going to be cheap, but they are going to be very high quality. So that is enough of that. Read on to find out what Geoff recommends for you.

metabo mitre saw being used

Geoff picked out 3 of their mitre saws, and he personally uses the Metabo KGS216M himself so let’s get started with that one.

Metabo KGS216M 8-Inch Sliding Mitre Saw

metabo kgs216mThis is the saw that Geoff uses every day in his own construction business and he rates it very highly indeed. When we checked what other buyers thought of this one, then the average rating there was a pretty astonishing 4.6 out of 5 stars and this was based on around 100 reviews on Amazon, various woodworking forums and some other review sites.

It works for Geoff as it is a highly accurate saw, with good lighting, and the sliding function allows him to cut wider depths of wood.

This is a high end saw that is quick to set up and easy to use. Even though it is a high quality saw the average price of £170 makes it affordable for a great number of people.

When you use something everyday you get to know it well, and you can read that review by clicking here.

Metabo MPTKS216 Mitre Saw

Metabo MPTKS216If you are looking for a value for money saw, then you will be hard pushed to find a better one than this on the market. At an average price of around £120, this is a compact and lightweight saw. It is very accurate and is the perfect saw if you are looking for one that you have to move around quite a bit.

Buyers rate this one very highly and as a good solid basic saw, there are very few that can measure up to this one. It is a great choice if you are looking for a portable mitre saw.

Read a full and detailed review by clicking here.

Metabo KGS216PL Double Bevel Saw

Metabo KGS216PLThis is their high end offering and professionals like this one a lot. For most people though the £425 average price will put them off. Geoff, who uses these types of saw every day states that although this is a very high quality product, he just does not need to do that many double bevels.

The Metabo he uses costs around £160 and this one is about two and a half times the price. It is great if you can afford it and it does get very strong reviews. I have summarised those, so if you want to check those out, then please do so by clicking here.

Read a full and detailed review by clicking here.

We hope that you have found these reviews of the Metabo range useful. They are a high quality product so we are pretty sure that you will not be disappointed whichever saw you choose.

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