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Thanks for taking your time to read our UK review of the popular and affordable Meterk jigsaw range. People will be familiar with tool brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Draper Makita etc. We would suggest that not that many people will be familiar with the Metark brand. If not, we have included some basic company information just below.

The Metark Brand

Meterk appear to sell online to various distributors such as Amazon. According to their website their goal is as follows. "The goal of METERK is to create the best tools to make our customers more convenient, safer and faster."

They make a wide range of power tools and also products in the Arts and Crafts industry. Their website went online in 2017 and they also have a Facebook page and they can be contacted at either.

Metark Jigsaw Summary Review

The Meterk brand make 3 jigsaws for the UK market and we have listed those below.

  • Meterk 400 watt corded jigsaw 
  • Meterk 800 watt corded jigsaw
  • Meterk 20V cordless jigsaw

How Buyers Rate the Meterk Jigsaws?

Meterk 400 watt corded jigsaw

Meterk Jigsaw Review UK

90% buyer satisfaction

900+ online buyers

Meterk 800 watt corded jigsaw

Meterk 800 watt corded jigsaw

88% buyer satisfaction

200+ online buyers

Meterk 20V cordless jigsaw

Meterk 20V cordless jigsaw

92% buyer satisfaction

20+ online buyers

So essentially, Meterk are offering a range of jigsaw options from the basic 400 watt model, the more powerful 800 watt model and a cordless option. The question is which model should you buy?

Just below we have completed a summary review on each model. We have also recommended which model is best suited depending on what you need the jigsaw to do.

Meterk 400 Watt Corded Jigsaw Review

This is a good basic jigsaw with more features than you might expect.

It has a 3.5A motor that delivers up to 400 watts of power

The motor also has variable speed up to 3,000 RPM with 6 speed controls

It has a tool less easy sawblade change

It also has a lock-on switch for continuous working

You can adjust the base plate to do 15°30°& 45° bevel cutting

This is a good basic jigsaw at an affordable price. This saw is really all about good value for money. This is a good choice for doing basic cutting on various DIY tasks around the home and garden. It is easy to use and a good choice for cutting out curves if you ever need those. Likewise for cutting some floorboards, skirting boards etc, or shapes around toilet bowls, this will work fine.

It comes with 4 different blades allowing you to cut through different materials.

On the downside there is no laser cutting light, and no dust bag, so you either live with the sawdust, or hook it up to a vacuum cleaner as it does have a dust port. We know, based on the power, that you will need to work slowly with this and it is not suitable for prolonged or heavy duty use.


  • One of the most affordable jigsaws on the UK market 
  • This model is easy to setup and easy to use 
  • Buyers liked the easy and fast blade changing
  • The majority of buyers said it does what it says on the tin
  •  Buyers used this for a variety of tasks, and generally speaking thought it did a good job


  • It doesn't have a laser
  • There is no dust bag provided 
  • Not a good choice for heavy duty or prolonged cutting
  • A few buyers said it just stopped working and they had to return it 

Meterk 800 Watt Corded Jigsaw Review

This is a more powerful version of their basic one explained above. With double the wattage you do have a lot more power at your fingertips.

The motor has variable speed up to 3,000 RPM with 6 speed controls

It can cut up to 100 mm depth in wood and also do mitre cuts left or right up to 45 degrees.

It has a laser cutting line and also an LED light

It also has a locking button and a non-slip handle

If you plan on cutting thicker wood, you will need a more powerful jigsaw. This 800 watt model is a better choice than the 400 watt option. At the price, we think this one is very good value for money, and worth it for the extra power and the additional laser line features.

This model also comes with 4 different blades, and also has a aluminium base and protection pad for a smoother cutting experience. There is also a cooling fan on the motor, which will help prolong the lifetime of the motor.


  • The majority of buyers said this saw was very good value for money 
  • Buyers really seemed to like the integrated light 
  • Buyers also liked the plastic protection on the soleplate as that does help make the movement over wood very smooth
  • Buyers also seemed to like the slow speed start option and the range of speeds available 


  • A couple of buyers received damaged goods in the post 
  • Some buyers said it vibrated too much under a heavy load

Meterk 20V Cordless Jigsaw

As you can see this is the wire free option, and although more expensive than the corded options, it comes with the battery, a charger and a tool bag

It is powered by a 20 Volt battery (2.0 Ah battery)

This saw has 4 orbital speed adjustments for different materials cutting, such as PVC cutting, metal cutting, wood cutting.

The base plate can be adjusted in the -45°~ +45° mitre position.

Comes with 10 blades for wood cutting, PVC cutting, metal cutting, aluminum cutting.

It has a lock button, a cutting line by LED light, and a guide ruler for straight cutting to be more straight and accurate.

This is the choice for those who don't like sawing anywhere near an electrical cable. It is also suitable if you need to own a jigsaw that you can use anywhere, without having to get an extension cable out, or depend on an electrical outlet being available.

This model has 4 orbital adjustments:

  1. Position 0: Slow speed for smooth cutting. Suitable for cutting high-hardness, high-thickness metal plates and wood.
  2. Position 1: The cutting speed will be slower, suitable for cutting hard wood and plastic parts with large arc curves. Cutting metal plates is not recommended.
  3. Position 2: The cutting speed will be faster, suitable for cutting plastic, plywood or ordinary wood.
  4. Position 3: The cutting speed is the fastest, but the cut surface is the roughest, suitable for fast cutting of soft and thin wood.

This jigsaw also has a blow or extract option for dust removal. Like all Metark models no dust bag is supplied.


  • Buyers really enjoyed the freedom of working without having to worry about trailing leads 
  • The majority of buyers seemed happy with the cutting performance 
  • Buyers said this saw is very easy to use
  • Buyers like that this comes with a bag for easy storage 


  • A couple of buyers said the battery didn't hold its charge

We will of course keep a watchful eye on any new jigsaw releases from this Meterk brands. We will also keep all of the information on this page up to date, so as our readers are always well informed.

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