UK Review of the Pingtek Blueline 210mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

The first thing that jumps out at me when I looked at this mitre saw from Pingtek, was the price. That is not normally the first thing that catches my eye, but it did with this one.

This is a pretty impressive saw in terms of features, and yet it costs just a little over £100. The UK mitre saw market is dominated by the bigger brands, but Pingtek are a recent arrival, and they certainly fill the affordable space for many potential buyers.

Pingtek Blueline 210mm sliding mitre saw review

What Buyers Say About the Pingtek 8" Mitre Saw

Based on the actual buyer reviews so far, and we went through about 75 of those, this one gets a pretty amazing 94% buyer satisfaction rating.

We also think the price point is also pretty amazing, so that encouraged us to take a much closer look at this saw.

We will see what buyers say later, but for now let's have a look at the main features.

Buyer Satisfaction

Pingtek Blueline 8" Features

  • It is an 8" saw (210 mm) and is a sliding saw allowing it cut wider cuts of wood - always a good thing - 300 mm straight slide cutting capacity
  • It can cut bevels  both 45 degrees left and right which again is very useful for making cuts that don't have sharp edges (45 degree bevels)
  • Cutting depth ideal for trenching
  • 1,300 watt motor
  • Has a laser to help guide and make accurate cuts
  • Weighs 16 Kg so light enough to move around
  • Comes with a 24 tooth TCT blade
  • Has 5 pre sets 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees
  • Has a dust extraction bag
  • 12 month warranty
  • Has wing stops to allow repetitive stops

This one certainly has all of the right features and is well engineered and assembled. I was surprised to see so many features on this model at this price, but it does have them, and all of them are very useful, when making mitre, bevel or compound joints.

What The Buyers Have To Say?

Reading through the reviews i think many of the buyers were as surprised as me to find a highly featured saw at such a competitive price. This is not a saw that I have used so would never dream of offering my personal opinion.

I can only go on what the buyers have said in their reviews, and they really like this one. A few buyers said the blade was not that good and they replaced it with a better quality one.

Other than that, they really liked this one a lot.

Pingtek Blueline 210mm Mitre Saw


Value for Money




Cutting Capacity


Range of Features


Customer Support


What Buyers Liked

  • Great Value for Money
  • Plenty of Features
  • Cutting depth is very useful
  • Can do bevels
  • Can also do compound cuts


  • Takes time to set up
  • A few buyers bought a better blade
The Saw Guy