Precision Hand Saw UK Reviews 2022

Have you ever heard of a precision or a clamping mitre saw? There are a few different alternatives available when it comes to making accurate mitre cuts. If you are skilled enough, then you can of course do these by hand, using some measurements, a good square and a tenon saw.

There is also the option of using a mitre box. There is also another alternative which is usually referred to as a precision saw.

This is an all in one unit that combines a revolving turntable, along with a suitable tenon saw, that is supported by rails and allows you to make really accurate mitre cuts. The main advantage of this option is simply price, as it is much cheaper than paying out for a power saw.

precision mitre saw

As you can see from the image above, this mitre saw comes as a single unit, with both the stand, the table and a saw. By swiveling the base, you can then make varying degrees of cuts. When we started out making mitre cuts we went through the process of doing these manually, as we like to learn the principles behind making all types of woodworking joints.

To speed the process up, we then started using a mitre box. Although that worked very well, it was a bit fiddly to use and that is when we bought one of these. We then used one quite similar to this for about 5-6 years and found it to be accurate and useful.

Our Top 6 Picks

Stanley 1-20-800 Adjustable Mechanical Mitre Box

This saw has a precision die cast base
It has a specially hardened and tempered replaceable blade with extra fine universal teeth - 14 TPI
This saw uses a blade tensioning screw for easy blade replacement and to ensure a clean accurate cut
Smooth action saw support and guide system
Mitre adjustable at 30, 45, 60 to 90 degrees
Blade Length - 55.88 cm

84% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

Tolsen Mitre Box & Fine Tenon Saw

This saw is designed for cutting skirting boards but can be used for other mitre work

It is one of the most affordable on the UK market

The mitre box itself has a guide for cutting straight lines and one for cutting 45 degree angles

The saw is about 12" long and o.9mm thick with a fine saw blade that has 13 teeth per inch

86% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

Stanley Saw Storage Mitre Box With Saw 1 19 800

This saw is designed for cutting skirting boards but can be used for other mitre work

It is one of the most affordable on the UK market and has holes so as you can mount it to a table or bench

The mitre box itself has a guide for cutting straight lines and one for cutting 22.5, and 45 degree angles

The saw is fine, but just be aware this is a plastic box

86% buyer satisfaction based on 300+ online buyer reviews

Silverline 335464 Mitre Box and Saw

This saw has a 300 mm blade
It has guides at 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees

It also has fixing holes so as you can attach it to a workbench

It is 90mm wide and 50 mm deep

The tenon saw has a 300 mm fine blade

Like many of the cheaper options the box is plastic and the saw will work but will not last that long

84% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

Mitre Saw NOBEX

This saw quickly produces precise taghi compound for mitre joints; Tilt at 20 °, 25 °, 30 °, 35 °, 40 °, 45 °, 50 °, 55 °

This is a good model for hobbyists

4 spare blades with different dentature for different materials

Home Swedish company

96% buyer satisfaction based on 20+ online buyer reviews

Küpper Mitre Saw Perfect III

This saw has a cutting height maximum of 120 mm
The blade length is 550 mm
It comes with a 5 year guarantee

Cutting width at 90°: 6.30 inch (160 mm)

Cutting width at 45° cutting height: 3.94 inch (100 mm)

Table Length: 1.77 inch (45 mm)

Blade Width 15.75 inch (400 mm) Blade 21.65 inch (550 mm) 

Universal saw blade for wood, metal and plastic 

82% buyer satisfaction based on 20+ online buyer reviews

Who Needs This Type of Precision Mitre Saw?

The ideal person that should buy and use this type of saw would be someone who is decorating their own home, and perhaps doing one room at a time. If you had the money, then of course you should get a powered version, however, if your budget is restricted, then this one will work perfectly well.

Pros of Precision Mitre Saws

  • They are relatively cheap at around £25-40 depending on which one you buy and where you buy it
  • They are accurate
  • They are pretty simple to use
  • They get the job done and are of course portable
  • Really good for working with small wood like frames and other light materials</li>

Cons of Precision Mitre Saws

  • You still have to do the sawing
  • They do take up quite a bit of space
  • Not that easy to store away
  • They will rust if left in damp conditions
  • You do have to clamp your work (Except for small pieces)

The Saw Set Guide

Now the normal precision saw that we have shown above does not get the best of ratings and we would not recommend it. These type of saw are almost redundant now and it is very hard to find a good one. We did however find this option and I think it looks and works really well.

How To Use A Precision or Clamp Mitre Saw

This video will show you how simple it is to put one of these together. In total it should take about 2 minutes and you are good to go. The different manufacturers have slightly different methods of putting these together, but they are all pretty basic and simple tasks.

Many of them come with the rails and the base already assembled. With this saw alone you can do a whole range of jobs around the house.

As you can see it does a pretty good job of making a really good and accurate cut. The only thing you will ever need to do after that is change the blade when it gets blunt. Again most of the manufacturers like Stanley or Faithfull do provide a good enough blade. Depending on the amount of use, they do last a pretty long time.

We did a lot of cutting with the one we had and we think we only had to change the blade 3 times in our 5-6 years of use. These blades do have very find teeth and they are sharp.

Some of these clamp type saw will have a guide rod which will allow you to cut different depths of wood. This is hand if you are making mortise and tenon joints, or for using on door frames, to accommodate for hinges or locks.